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Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Greed?

I am that insatiable desire that you wish to possess for your own personal gain irrespective of how others feel. I have a way to make you think about yourself to a point where you will hurt others to get your hands on all that you want, mainly material gain.


You have many faces, how do you (Greed) show yourself?

I make blood relatives fight amongst themselves, generally it is behind wealth, I make siblings fight over the inheritance of their parents and in most cases one party taking it all, because I want more. The most common thing I make you greedy for are power, attention, money, and food.


Greed, How do you make people behave?

I make people have no boundaries when they want something, and in many cases, others are used as tools to achieve desired goals. I create envy and it is a motivating factor to continuously desire more. I make mankind use exploitation, manipulation, and deception because they are entitled to have desires met.


Greed, are you a feeling or an emotion?

I breed from emotions like trauma of being deprived, lack of money, abuse drugs and plan criminal activity.


Are you (Greed) an addiction?

I create a relationship between your financial worth and your fundamental value, then I drive you to accumulate wealth, once you have the wealth the I make you use this wealth to acquire more wealth, there is no end to this.


Greed, Thought by Leela Gurukul

Lobh (Greed)

Greed is often seen as a negative quality that can lead individuals to act selfishly and harm others. But in tantra, the focus is not on denying or suppressing the emotion of greed but rather cultivating awareness around the emotions that trigger greed and to develop a deeper understanding of what truly brings lasting satisfaction and fulfilment

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