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Treatment Room


Derived from Sanskrit

Kaaya =Form and Ang = Body,

Together it is the body form after a healing, mentoring and/or coaching session, meditation, Zen room.  We have a variety of treatments offered like reiki, reflexology, Indian head massage, early teenage mentoring, manifestation coaching (1-2-1), numerology (1-2-1), past life regression, and intuitive aura reading.



Reiki has become widespread among the Holistic Therapists and it is a form of rebalance and relaxation. The energy helps with harmony be it spiritual, physical, and mental and is so powerful that the receiver begins to feel the benefits instantly. Reiki healing is activated using the sacred reiki symbols and the intuitive healing begins.

The treatments are suitable for everyone from babies to adults and are terrific for those who wish to de-stress or have an injury or illness. With the biggest side effect of the treatment is feeling completely relaxed and in harmony, a positive side effect.


- Deep Relaxation                                                                  - General Well-being
- Reduces stress & anxiety                                                 - Helps with depression
- Release of emotional blocks                                          - Release of energy blocks
- More positive outlook                                                       - Increases vitality
- Cleansing of toxins from the body                               - Strengthens the immune system
- Relieves headaches (Migraine)                                     - Relieves chronic conditions
- Heals illnesses and injury                                               - helps to relieve pain
- Helps with insomnia                                                         - Enhances the intuition
- Clarity of thoughts                                                            - Supports Personal growth
- Enhance spiritual growth


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is used to relieve stress and treat illnesses, the theory is based on adding pressure to the reflex points on the hands and feet that is linked to a specific part of the body. In true sense the hands and feet are a roadmap to the body's mechanism.


  • Low feelings of stress, a sense of calmness
  • Relaxed mind, body and a feeling of wellbeing
  • A balance in energy and hormonal state
  • Prevents health problems from arising
  • Releases endorphins also known as a natural pain killer

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage treatment, also known as champissage, focuses on releasing the tension in the muscles and joints along the head, face, neck, and shoulders. It is a calming and relaxing experience that revitalizes, rejuvenates, increases levels of concentration and feeling energised.

Indian Head Massage has several benefits at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Increase in energy levels
Boosts the memory capabilities
Relieves fatigue and insomnia
Helps with the relief of migraines
Aids with symptoms of depression and anxiety
Known to promote hair growth
Enables the drainage of the lymphatic


Do you wonder what your purpose is in life?  Why you are here, and what happens next? There’s more to this life than the day you were born and the name you were given...

The Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras, was the father of the powerful practice of Numerology and he used numbers to unravel and uncover the blueprint of why your soul is here in this life time!


Manifestation Coaching & Mentoring