Have A Go



In the book Wishes Fulfilled by Dr Wayne Dyre, he mentions about “I AM THAT I AM.”

I AM are the two most powerful words we use daily. How many times have you heard “I am tired, I had less sleep.”, “I am so fed up with life.”, “I am unhealthy,” it is a never-ending list of self-talk we have with ourselves. The universe is always listening to your thoughts and the words you affirm out loud and in turn you receive more of what you project out.

About 15 years ago, I used to affirm “Life is a battlefield and I am the victor!” Trust me life at that time did seem like a battlefield and the image I had of was being in an open field and it was the world verses ME! And what was the Universe giving me back? More of situations where it was me against them.

Through a lot research and applying some of the affirmations in the image below, I became more aware of what I was affirming out loud and I was using affirmations like “I AM Happy”, “I AM Healthy”, “I AM Forgiveness”, you get my point. Affirmations are now part of my daily life; I use them even more when I slip into negative self-talk.


By Kiran Kaur


Here is the challenge, for the next 21 days, change the words you use after the words “I AM… …” and notice the changes that take place daily.

Things I learnt:

  • I was mindful of my conscious and subconscious thoughts and what I was projecting out to the Universe
  • Opportunities presented from a place of love and care; my image changed from the open battlefield to seeing the good in others
  • I began to manifest the life I wanted to live and deserve be it health, wealth or happiness
  • I can talk about affirmations enthusiastically with my clients and never tire of the subject

I recommend this technique!