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Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Anger?

I am one of your emotions that feels others or things that have intentionally wronged you. I am a way for you to force out your negative feelings. At times I will take over all your senses and make you do irrational things that can harm yourself and others around you.

You have many faces, how do you (Anger) show yourself?

Generally, I physically or verbally act out to hurt others or I destroy things, this is open aggression. I can be passive aggressive by giving you the silent treatment, or completely avoid you, I also use my sarcasm and my favourite is using loaded kindness. I assert aggression by confidently say and think before I say it.

Anger, What is your strongest form?

I demonstrate destructive behaviour by physically lashing out, swearing and tendencies of being violent – This is my enraged form.

Anger, are you a feeling or an emotion?

I breed from emotions like fear, sadness, loss. I lose control, feel vulnerable and act out irrationally.

Why do you (Anger) get angry?

When you feel lose, when you feel rejected, when you feel unwell, when you feel threatened, I emerge automatically responding to your pain either physically or emotionally.

What are the depths you emerge from?

You are stressed with family issues, financial issues, or even social issues. I get triggered by these occurrences.

Anger Thought by Leela Gurukul

Krodh (Anger)

Anger is a natural and necessary part of being human. Through tantra you can learn how to transmute the energy of the anger into a more creative outlet and use it to create revolutions within and around you.

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