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In recent years Psychic/Mediums have come to light, as humans, we are being more aware and awakened to planes beyond our normal senses. Mostly through being clairvoyant and telepathic that are mysterious to the intellectual mind. And acting as the go-between communicator between the living human beings and the spirits of their loved ones that have passed on. This month, Aura are In conversation with Kay, she is a Psychic/Medium who is a spirit channel where she talks about her journey to spirituality.


When did you first know you were a Psychic/Medium?

I was 11 years old when I had my first experience but opened doors to spirituality in 2017. I had trances in all those years and knew there was something more to them.


What was the experience like?

It was just before my grandmother passed on, in December '97, like an electric shock went through my body and a sudden fear of death followed.  In January '98 my grandmother passed on. I was very close to her and it really hit me hard. I had the same experience when my aunt's husband passed on. I was devastated because I was experiencing these unexplained feelings and I had lost my grandmother. So I mentally blocked the energies and messages and over the years I turned to alcohol and drugs as an escape. I was grieving and shut all the spiritual doors for myself at that time.


What happened in 2017?

I went on a Tarot Course followed by a retreat in Cornwall in 2017. Cornwall has it's magical and mesmerising spiritual powers. I fell in love with Cornwall, it felt like home, a sense of belonging. That is when I embraced my channelling with my guides. I opened doors to spirituality. My intuition and psychic abilities heightened with every passing year. I experimented on a lot of self-taught techniques and short courses that I took on board.


What sets you unique from the other Psychic/Mediums?

Every Psychic/Medium is unique and have their own special gifts. I fit in all aspects, I am intuitive, I am a medium, Tarot reader, Meditation Instructor and my recent exploration of Ancestral Healing. I am currently guided to ancestral healing and delve into what baggage we carry with us today that is not ours or passed down through generations. But, my special gift that I love the most is that I read people's energies, it is like psychic psychometry, get in touch at a soul level and get to truly know them. It gives me a better understanding about them, their feelings, emotions, intentions etc.


What sort of people come to you for a reading?

I mainly get women of above 25 years of age.


Are you always switched on as a psychic/medium when you socialise?

Yes and no, because it depends on the person's soul and how open they are to receiving messages and healing. Like this one time, I was visiting Cornwall with my sister and there was a cute guy (in his 30s) trying to woo her. I became overprotective of my sister. I told the man things he didn't want to hear or was in denial with. He felt like I stripped him off all those layers and looked deep into his soul, he freaked out and left the pub after 5 minutes.


What are the common questions you get asked in your readings?

Will things change? Will he/she come back to me? 


What mistaken belief do you think people have about Psychics or Mediums?  

There are a lot of people who don't believe in spirit, ghosts etc. Which I respect them for their beliefs. There have been lots of Psychics/mediums out there that take people for a ride to make quick money. My advice is, do your research before you book a reading, are they legit? Do they have reviews? Google them. Some people do not have good views on Tarot. Tarot is not a prediction tool; it helps us to study our true self and it reflects our soul in the cards. The cards guide us and there are no good or bad cards, every card has a positive message for us. Many fear the "Death" card in Tarot, that is my favourite card because it means change, rebirth, walking through a portal.


How long do your reading sessions last?

An hour


What can people expect from your reading?

My readings firstly entail a card I pick for my client. I get to know their energy and what messages I receive beforehand about them. I pull out birth cards, life path card and year card according to their birth dates. I then go into my detailed Tarot reading and depending on how I am supposed to help my client then we go into deeper discussions about crystals, cleansing, ancestral healing.


And how do you receive these messages?

I am clairaudient and clairvoyant, I hear sounds and messages and get visions.


How do you unwind after a reading?  

I ground myself with a meditation and have a walk out in the garden. It helps me brush off energies and close opened portals during the reading.


In the current pandemic, by what means do you provide a reading?  

Skype, WhatsApp video/call, phone readings.


If you weren’t a Psychic/Medium what would you be?  

An Artist. I have a passion for colour sketching and drawings. Every piece of artwork has a message.


How does one contact you for a reading?

My Facebook page Kay’s Psychic and Medium Readings, @KayTarotReading