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In the last article I parted with knowledge of my interpretation of what is a chakra, how to distinguish each chakra, went in depth with the Root Chakra and manage blockages.  Let us familiarize ourselves with 2 more chakras this month, the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.


The Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana

Located below the bellybutton, this chakra is responsible for managing creativity and at how one deals with the emotions of others and that of themselves. The Sacral Chakra also relates to the expression of sexuality and sensuality, a sacred union between two people: mind, body, and soul. Many a times there is the lack of confidence to fulfil an intimate desire with their partner which can be an unnerving experience for either one or both leading to a state of feeling displeasure. Leading to an obsession of watching pornographic videos or seek the thrill elsewhere to satisfy oneself.

Have you felt an urge to overreact at times? How do you perform at work? Do you feel enthusiastic? Are you able to handle your emotions? These are some key questions that you might need to ask yourself as you try to understand the sacral chakra.


When Blocked:

Ask yourself the following set of questions-

How often do I feel frustrated?

Am I constantly plagued with fear?

How often do I become angry?

Do I suffer from low self-esteem?

Is it easy for me to be able to forgive easily?

Is being intimate with my partner difficult?


An unbalanced sacral chakra could lead to problems such as ovarian cysts, lower back pain, kidney issues, menstrual problems, and joint pains. Seek medical advice.


How To Unblock It:

Some techniques that I recommend are stated below.

  • Try taking up some yoga exercises which include stretching your lower back.
  • Light a candle or make a bonfire. Well since it is not possible for me to light a bonfire, I usually light up an orange candle and listen to some music or at times I meditate. It brings up about an energy which is uplifting. Go on and have a go.
  • If there is a water body near you, a river or the ocean sit still and enjoy listening to the stream of water and the chirping of the birds or listen to the crashing waves of the ocean. I don't know about you but this brings peace to me.
  • Wear something in orange colour.
  • Make gentle, round hip movements.
  • Also drink lots of water.


Crystals to align the Sacral Chakra


The crystals below when used bring about a sense of belonging, helps boost the sex drive and enhance imagination and creativity.

  • Moonstone
  • Tangerine Quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Citrine
  • Orange Calcite
  • Amber

These beautiful crystal can be made to custom designed ornaments. It can also be placed by your bedside table or can also be placed on a table at your place of work.

I use the Moonstone especially when I meditate and I love Carnelian and Citrine, in fact I have each one on my desk as they each respectively bring about the energy of creativity and abundance.


Essential Oils to align the Sacral Chakra


  • Sandalwood
  • Orange
  • Bergamot
  • Neroli
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Rose

I like to blend in a few drops Sandalwood, orange and rose spraying this combination in the room I am working in brings about a subtle yet an energetic feel.

Give it a try or experiment with a combination of your choice.


Foods that aid in balancing the Sacral Chakra

Let us bring our awareness to the types of fruits and vegetables that can be consumed to help balance the sacral chakra. Honey, Pumpkin, Orange, Carrot, Sweet Potatoes, Mango, Apricot, Peaches and Tangerine. Tickle your taste buds by indulging in some healthy, tasty soup with the following recipe:


Recipe: Crakinpot Soup


1 Large Sweet Potato

1 Medium Carrot

100 gm Pumpkin

1/2 tsp Mixed Herbs

Black Pepper Powder (optional)

Salt to taste



Peel and dice the vegetables.

Boil some water in a saucepan and add the diced sweet potatoes, boil until soft.

Remove the pot from the heat and add the diced carrot to the sweet potatoes let it sit and lastly add the pumpkin.

Let the broth cool down completely and add this to a blender and liquidize all the vegetables.

Add water to the desired thickness.

In a clean saucepan add the liquidized vegetable and add the mixed herbs, salt and pepper and give it a good mix and boil.

Garnish this delicious soup with a dollop of butter and serve with dinner rolls.


Image by Peter Lomas

Photo by Kiran Kaur

Image by Peter Lomas



The Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

This is the third chakra, located at the abdomen, just above the bellybutton. This chakra governs your identity, authenticity, and ego. Do you feel the lack of self-esteem? Or do you always feel bad if your ideas get rejected? Let's take a look below at what is likely to happen if the chakra is blocked.

When Blocked:

You may ask yourself -

  • Have I ever felt the need of being aggressive or abusive?
  • Am I over-confident or do I lack  confidence?
  • Am I stressed, often?


These factors can attribute to diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and stress related diseases such as depression or anxiety. Seek medical advice.

How To Unblock:

  • I have a set of affirmations which I read daily to myself just before I get to chart out my daily chores. A habit of affirming them daily optimises how one’s day is likely to be. For example, I use daily positive affirmations such as, I accept myself unconditionally or I am good enough, e.t.c these are some good ways to get your day started.
  • Also listen to some deep breathing guided meditations.
  • Explore Your mental traps. Journal your feelings (I personally encourage you to do this as a daily routine.) Watch out for triggers or patterns. Be gentle with yourself.
  • Wear yellow.
  • Take up some art classes for example drawing or painting, nowadays adult colouring books are easily available, and it not only brings about creativity but is also a mood checker and the next best thing to meditation.


Crystals to align the Solar Plexus Chakra

Happiness, a healthy self-esteem, and a strong willpower are just some of the few benefits that you would reap from these beautiful crystals.

  • Yellow Citrine
  • Amber
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Yellow Jade
  • Yellow Calcite
  • Golden Rutilated Quartz

Worn as beautiful jewelry of your choice or bought as decorative pieces whichever you fancy the choices are unlimited. The tiger's eye has always been my personal favourite.


Essential Oils to align the Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Frankincense
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint
  • Geranium

This soothing scent can be sprayed to the inner side of your wrist or add a few drops into your candle and enjoy the delight of the sweet fragrance.

Foods that aid in balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Incorporate yellow, tan, or golden coloured foods into your diet as it supports the solar plexus chakra. Bananas, Pineapples, Grapefruit, Lemon, Sweet Corn, Yellow Bell Pepper,  Ginger,  Yellow Lentils,  Whole Grain Bread and Cereals. How about giving a go at this healthy and tasty smoothie.


Recipe: Banana, Pineapple Yoghurt Smoothie


1 Frozen Banana

1 Slice of Frozen Pineapple

150 ml Vanilla Yoghurt

A pinch of Cinnamon Powder (Optional)

A Few Mint Leaves for Garnish


Add the chopped banana and pineapple and vanilla yoghurt in a blender.

Blend it all up and add the cinnamon powder and blitz it further.

Pour into a glass and garnish with a few mint leaves.


Join me next month where I shall be sharing my knowledge with you about the Heart chakra (Anahata) and Throat chakra (Vishuddha).

by Disha Sharma

June 2021

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