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Rav Kaur



Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Rav?

A daughter, a sister, a wife and a mum to two beautiful children, born and brought up in Nakuru, Kenya. Lived in the UK for over 15 years. And now I live in Mombasa. I have a BSc Hons degree in Computer Science, over 10 years experience in Banking, Recruitment and HR.


What is Little Laughs?

Little Laughs (LL) came about during Covid and the major lockdown, my second baby was on formula milk from the UK and there was a huge shortage so I came up with the idea of importing formula milk plus other baby products. And LL was born to help new mums just like me


What products and services do you offer?

We offer freight service from UK to Kenya. We specialise in signature baby suitcase hampers for baby showers, new borns, mum to be. We have our signature stuffed balloon for all occasions, a new and unique way of presenting a gift. We’ve just introduced our new product, the Snow Globe Tumblers as gift options for all occasions and as return favours as well. We have new projects in the pipeline for the new year.


How do you organise a workday with your business and children?

I usually concentrate on LL when the children are in school and complete the orders in that time. My children actually help me with orders when they are around, so we make it a fun activity and we get to spend time together.


How do you build a rapport with a new client?

It’s tricky as each client is different and their needs are different. If a client feels the baby suitcase hamper is out of their budget then I give them an option that fits their budget. The main thing is to make them feel comfortable and offer them options that will suit them.


What is the most bizarre thing you have done for a client?

I’ve had client who left her Christmas shopping to the last second and wanted presents from the UK in 4 days! I’ve taken the order paid for the items without a deposit and without knowing the client. Made calls and had the items flown down from UK to Kenya within two days. It was hectic but her children were over the moon and had a fantastic Christmas.


How do you stay up to date with the current trends?

It’s a mix, I check what’s trending on social media. I see what the market wants and what’s unique in the market that will outstand from what it available. Being different and unique is the key here.


What do you enjoy the most in your profession?

The fact that I can do what I love and enjoy at my own time and at the same time give my family and children 100% attention. Flexibility!


What are the challenges you face in your profession?

When people bargain, it’s not wrong but people need to understand the products I offer are of high quality, a lot of time and effort goes into making the suitcase hampers for example. I run a small business where profit margins are small and we need to support small businesses.


Do you have a morning routine to set you for the day?

My children are my alarm clock, we get ready for school and after I drop them off I go to the gym. After this I do my orders or anything work related to LL.


What’s your go-to way of winding down after a long day?

Spending time with the children, talking to my husband. Watching the endless ocean, that calms me down. 


What is the one word that you want people to associate you with?

Humble and Strength


If you were not running Little Laughs, what would you be doing?

Oh wow that’s a tough one, my dream is to set up a home for homeless children. Where we provide shelter, food and education.


How can people contact you? 

We are on Facebook and Instagram as Little Laughs Mombasa or you can whatsapp us on +254769360231


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