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I met Mrs. Robinson (not her real name) at a social gathering, I guess a first impression is always a lasting one, my intuition picked a strong aura that said a lot about her. Now I am not much of a hugger but instinctively I gave her a big hug and she reciprocated my actions by returning the hug back, we held onto each other for a very long time, until someone approached us to take our seats. As the gathering progressed, I kept looking at Mrs Robinson every so often and at my next opportunity I walked up to her and started a conversation.

“I promise I am not a stalker, but I am really drawn to you…” I said and thus began a budding friendship. You are wondering where this article is heading, but all shall be unraveled, Mrs. Robinson confirmed all the questions I asked her, my intuition was on fire that day and decided to go with the flow. So, what is so special about Mrs. Robinson and why am I writing about her? Here it goes, she is a 60-year-old queenager who is suave, classy, and sensual, I must say she does not look over 48 years of age, the secret to her youthful features she says is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

As I got to know Mrs. Robinson, she introduced me to Mr. Robinson, and I was in awe of the pair of them. They both looked like your poster couple that you either read about or watch on TV. My curiosity piqued and I was blunt in asking if I could write an article about them, they agreed to it so long as their real names were not included as they prefer to be low key. I could not control my excitement now that I knew they agreed to speak with me.

It was a bright Saturday morning, I arrived on time at Mr. & Mrs. Robinson’s place, by now I was familiar with their place and unlike a normal person who would knock on their front door and wait, I was familiar with our arrangement and as usual I knocked on their kitchen door to announce my arrival, even though they have always said to walk right in. But out of respect, I always knock the door before I enter.

As I entered, I was greeted by the aroma of coffee brewing from the coffee machine, Mrs. Robinson was sat at the kitchen island sipping at her coffee, today she was dressed in a pair of green cut off cotton pants, a white cotton blouse with a pair of white sandals, how does she do it, always looks classy but comfortable in her attire. Her hair was tied in a ponytail at the base of her neck, and she had no make-up on, not that she needed it. While Mr. Robinson was reading something on his tablet and dressed in a pair of pale green shorts and a white polo shirt, he had no footwear on as he loves walking barefoot when he was in the house.

They both greeted me with a hug and Mr. Robinson offered to make me a cup of herbal tea, as they know I do not drink coffee. I sat down across from Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Robinson joined us after brewing my herbal tea, sitting to my right. They patiently looked at me to begin the conversation, “This is not going to be an interview where I ask questions and you answer them.” I said, I could feel both of them relaxing as I put their minds at ease. “Let’s begin from the start, how did you two meet and we can go with the flow of things from there on.” I added.

They both looked at each other, and there again was that spark between the two of them that I had noticed on several occasions before. “We met in Africa, Kenya to be precise, I was on holiday and Robert was on an exchange doctors programme, volunteering his time in one of the rural towns. I had missed the first tourist van that was taking us for the safari due to oversleeping and my friends left without me. Luckily, I was told that a second van will be arriving in 30 minutes to pick the remaining passengers. As I got on to the van the only spare seat left was next to a young gentleman, I had no choice but to sit there, as I approached my seat I had butterflies in my stomach just looking at the handsome stranger,” says Mrs. Robinson.

“I remember this beautiful young woman walking towards the empty seat next to me, as I looked at her my heart skipped a beat and then it started beating faster. As she sat down, her arm brushed against mine, and sparks shot up my arm as though my nerves had been replaced by a live wire. We both jumped and tried not to touch each other, but it was inevitable because of the bumpy road. On our safari we got talking and discovered we had a lot in common and that we lived close by back in London,” Says Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson adds in “We met a couple of times before I had to leave back for London, with a promise to meet up when Robert returned back from his volunteering programme. I knew I had fallen in love with my handsome doctor, and I told my family about it but they thought it was just a holiday fling and that I will soon get over it. It’s now 28 years together and 30 years since we met.”

“What is the secret to a long and loving relationship? I mean in this day and age it is a rare thing to find love and keep it.” I ask. Mrs. Robinson smiles at me and lets Mr. Robinson take this one, “throughout our relationship I have worked at pursuing Jean, I believed in her and her dreams and gave her all the support and space she wanted to blossom into this wonderful, amazing woman she is. I guess when you really understand your woman and her needs then she in turn gives you her all. Trust me it wasn’t easy and there is no manual written to understand women, you just have to wing it. I made mistakes and a lot of them, but we looked at them, acknowledged them and communicated to go past them. Communication is key!”

“He showed me respect, made me feel safe and loved, a true gentleman. I in turn supported his dreams and made sure he was taken care of and in the process, I took care of myself too. As a counsellor I speak to a lot of queenagers and they tell me how the spark in their marriages have died,” says Mrs. Robinson.

Mr. Robinson, interrupts our conversation to bid Mrs. Robinson goodbye to head out for a game of golf with his friends. He wears his shoes and gives Mrs. Robinson a kiss and a hug, I give them a private moment and head to the loo, on my way back I see a collage of photos of Mr. & Mrs. Robinson and their children, years and years of family moments captured on camera. Once Mr. Robinson has left, Mrs. Robinson and I carry on with our chat. “Go on ask that burning question that you have been wanting to ask,” says Mrs. Robinson. How does she do that? She always knows what I am thinking, I suppose it is the connection we have had from the beginning. There is no hiding so I ask “How do you keep the intimacy alive and do older people still have sex?”

She smiles at me and answers “Why should older people stop having sex? Age has nothing to do with when to stop having sex. In fact I feel that there is deep connection that forms with a long time relationship and as lovers. Some women of my age say their intimacy levels have heightened in the decades they have been together. One described during sex she saw vibrant colours and that was very calming and made her happy. Queenagers in my friend circle sometimes shy away from discussing their sex life, they believe that some tales are best left in the bedroom, which I respect. There are other queenagers who openly discuss about their intimacy, and we learn from each other on how to spice it up behind closed doors of the bedroom.”

That blew my mind away, I mean we always have an image of couples the age of our parents, who do not get intimate, and they are just together for companionship and we do not want to see past that. Parting advice from Mrs. Robinson was “At one point in life you were attracted to each other, bring that intimacy back into your life, bring back the romance, find that spark by taking that walk in nature, maybe even hold hands, share moments that once used to make you both happy.”

Happy Month of Love to All!

Narrated by Kiran Kaur

*** Dear Reader,

The Inspire Tales I write about are not for the faint hearted, I write from the depth of my heart and this is my way of expressing myself. And I will under no circumstances apologise for my views.


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