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Born and raised in Nakuru, Kenya until my late teens, most of my adult life I've lived in various places in the UK but my heart and home is now in Shoeburyness, Essex with my husband. From the age of three, spirituality has been a part of my life, through the power of prayer, and I always believed in the concept of God is One, We are One.   As I grew older, I felt that there was more to life than just existing and always journaling my thoughts and questions.

Being bullied resulted in comfort eating, then abused (mentally, emotionally and physically) by a relative, and later along with my siblings, we supported each other and my mother.  Going through childhood traumas, limiting belief system and conditioning, many times I felt so helpless and angry at the circumstances but all I could do was to accept what was, and just survive.   A colleague and now a dear friend introduced me to a book called "Wishes Fulfilled" by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and thus began my quest relating to the notion of thoughts as a vibrational energy, the projection of feelings and how they can be used in the manifestation process to live the reality that I am worthy of and deserve.

I discovered that I have the gift of healing; and I am now a qualified and insured Reiki Master Practitioner trained by Paul Miles (Reiki I and II), and Anne-Marie Carratu (Reiki III and refresher I & II) at Reiki Light.  I am also a certified and insured Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology Therapist trained from The Surrey School of Reflexology by Nina Pearson, enabling me to combine science and spirituality. In my journey as a healer, I began to receive messages in the form of colours and unearthed my intuitive abilities so that I am now a Colour-Aura Psychic, under the guidance of Molly Ann Fairley, founder of The School of Psychic Studies.

Having worked with numbers and coding in my other life has enabled me to self teach and  understand Numerology and unveiling the blueprint of the soul's purpose in this life time. The search for answers and many years of research have opened doors to an abundance of knowledge with tried and tested techniques. As a Universal Manifestation Coach I aid beautiful souls (within the UK and global) in their unique journey to fulfil their life's purpose. In December 2022, I launched my podcast Sparkle & Vibe, where I talk about ways to raise your vibration and everything in between.

Aura - A magazine for the soul, my journey with the online magazine began in December 2020, the purpose of the magazine was to reach out to vulnerable individuals during the covid-19 lockdown and read inspirational articles written by various writers and myself. There are 4 segments:

Soulsome - inspiring short stories written by Disha Sharma, her way of looking and enjoying the simplicity of life happenings brings about awareness.

Q&A With... is all about individuals from all walks of life and fields of their expertise and experiences.

Food Talk - a platform for those with the love of food and recipes shared with readers, if you are looking for something to make then search through the food talk segment to impress your friends with a new recipe. 

Boldcussion - This is not for the faint hearts and topics considered to be a taboo are authentically written by writers.

Launched Kiran's Magic Candles in February 2021.  The Classic Collection candles, bring together reiki energy, various scents and organic soya wax, hand-poured in gold tins. The concept of launching Seasonal Candles began in August 2021 are available seasonally and once they are gone they are gone, so you got to be quick to get your hands on them.

Summer of 2021, I was introduced to a beautiful soul Shabanu Ismail, and trained in the art of candle magic, understanding and seeking the relationship between candles, colours, herbs and setting intentions, which then led Kiran's Magic Candles to launch the Zodiac Collection candles in January 2o22, bringing magic into candle work. The colours, scents, herbs and charms are specifically researched and thought out for each of the zodiac signs.

In March 2022, Wax Work and in April 2o22 personalised Message in a candle were launched, this range allows our customers to select a combination of personalising messages, colour and scents along with spell work with herbs to enhance the desired life. The Spell Jars were created and introduced in April 2023, the jars are assembled with herbs and spices that enhance the spell bring magic to your life with abundance, manifestation, love, self or home protection or request for a bespoke spell jar.

***The spell work must be carried out with positive intentions and not to harm any persons involved, KEEP YOU KARMA CLEAR!