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For eons candles have been used for various religious ceremonies and have also been used by people with various cultural backgrounds. Often candles are used to celebrate birthdays, romance, during meditation or just a form to relax and also during memoriam of those who have passed on.



Today spa centres, yoga, meditation centres, and reiki centres implement the use of candles. As compared to the daily monotonous light bulbs, candles create a warm ambiance. Nowadays a variety of scented candles are at your disposal to choose from giving room to pleasant and an enjoyable atmosphere.

With the possibility of setting up a sacred space of your own at your home, delight yourself with your daily meditation dose.  How about creating a delightful bathroom setting enjoying your bath time after all, a bit of pampering is key to self-love.



Flickering and sparkling candles, emanating a warm soft light in a room. Eyes gleaming with joy, hearts racing with excitement are perfect for a romantic setting. If you are planning to woo your beloved, try out a candle lit dinner you never the outcome can be a magical beginning into a new journey of a budding romance and love.



During times of despair, candles are lit as a beacon of hope to regain inner strength, hope and faith. The lighting of a candle symbolizes that one has faith that the outcome shall be positive.



The significance of lighting a candle indicates that the spirit is immortal and continues to live and that only the physical body has perished. Candles are associated with positivity and are used at shrines and places of worship. They invoke the feeling of something spiritual within us.



Let's take a look at how different types of coloured candles can enhance one's mood, bring about focus in meditation and positive vibes to develop creativity and can also help relief certain ailments.


White is the colour used to symbolize peace and tranquillity. It helps with doing away negative energy. It is also the colour of purity. The Crown Chakra is connected to the divine. During yoga or meditation one can light a white candle in their sacred space and listen to some guided meditation as they connect to the source. The white colour represents the purity of a spirit.

RED - Red is associated with love, passion, relationship, and romance. It also brings about courage. The colour red is also associated with the root chakra, one can light a red colour during an anxiety attack.

PINK  - Related to positive self-love and harmony. This can help during depression. One can purchase a rose scented candle as the fragrance of roses can calm one's nerves.

This candle is associated with the Heart Chakra.

ORANGE - An orange candle assists in stimulating creativity, bringing joy and new energy. The colour orange is also associated with the Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is where creativity is birthed. One may place an orange candle on their desk at their workstation whilst working on new projects.

YELLOW - Yellow is a very uplifting colour. It brings about confidence and is also associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. Feeling dull, then light a yellow candle and watch how enthusiastic you begin to feel. It is also believed that the colour yellow helps relieve indigestion and also diabetes. However, this does not mean that one should stop taking medication or visit a doctor. My recommendation is to use a scented yellow candle to rejuvenate your frame of mind.

GREEN - The colour green has been connected with prosperity, abundance, health and fertility. The colour green is also linked to the Heart Chakra. Light a green candle, set an intention and meditate, or book a session with a Reiki practitioner and notice the difference it brings.

BLUE - Related to the Throat Chakra, the colour blue aids in communication.  At times when one has a blockage in the throat chakra one is unable to communicate openly about their feelings and others could be harsh or abusive. Use a blue candle whenever you have a sore throat or for thyroid issues.

BLACK - A black candle repels negative energy from others, protects and absorbs negative energy. The use of a black candle helps to transmute negative energy into white light.

GOLD - Related to the masculine energy, this is the side of your being which is responsible for taking decisions. Here it doesn't matter if you are a female.  Every being possesses this masculine energy. The colour gold is also connected to fortune and solar energy. It is also the colour of spiritual attainment.

SILVER - Silver candles can also be used to remove negative energy.  It is connected to the Goddess or the feminine energy. Just like the masculine energy, the feminine energy is present in all beings. The feminine energy simply means being compassionate, kind, naturing, and embracing your intuition and creativity as well. Those who feel compelled to develop their psychic skills can light a silver candle and meditate and after meditating to journal every day.


Now that you have stumbled upon how marvelous a candle is and what one can achieve by using different colours of candles, you may be willing to have a go and discover the ones which work best for you.

By Disha Sharma

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Amar Preet Singh
2 years ago

Very informative article.

Morris. M
2 years ago

Wow! I though a candle is a candle , now I know .

Johnson Odundo oluoch
2 years ago

Wow the article is special in every way