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5 Habits to start your Day

How you start your day can set the tone for the rest of your day.

Do you start your day by listening to extreme loud music or watching the news? I don't think that it would be a good idea.

What about a healthy breakfast? That's a much better way.

For mornings to be more productive and peaceful some habits either need to be introduced or kicked out.

Let's look at the changes that we can initiate to make the day more harmonious.


Hitting the Snooze Button

 I had a habit of sleeping late at night as I'd have to prepare and complete my projects to meet the deadlines.

Before sleeping I'd set up the alarm but as dawn breaks in, it would be extremely difficult for me to wake up, forcing me to hit the snooze button. As I could not get a well-rested night this used to lead me to having a very sluggish day.

It affected not only me but everybody who interacted with me, as I'd get extremely irritated at almost everyone and everything. I realised that not having enough sleep was leading me to become unpleasant to deal with.   

Catching up with a good seven-to-eight-hour sleep made me more energetic and productive. And because I was able to catch up with quality sleep, now whenever I set the alarm, I can wake up with much ease.                                                             

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Social Media 

Just like everyone else the first thing I'd do once I'd wake up was to check all my social media accounts.  As I'd browse through the numerous accounts I had, it would wake up my inner critic and the over- judgmental me.

I'd get anxious and feel the pressure of having to work harder, compete with others just because it made me jealous.

I then decided to limit the many social applications that I had downloaded, and I decided to keep my phone away from me at night so that it would not be the first thing that I reach out to once I woke up.

As the day progressed, I just quickly scan my phone and reminded myself that I am not here to compete with anyone, if anything I am here just to compete with myself and to get better then what I was the previous day.


Putting Off Exercise 

Feeling sluggish and lethargic all day was typically my lifestyle. "I simply don't have time" or "I have a very busy schedule'' are the typical excuses I made. I started becoming lazy and gained a couple of pounds, till I decided to turn things around.

Recent research shows doing exercise in the morning other than in the afternoon makes a huge difference to your body. It's been revealed that those who did their exercises in the morning were said to have lower blood pressure throughout the day and had a better sleep quality as opposed to those who work out in the afternoon. It's time to make a positive change in your life.

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Skipping Breakfast

Do You have the habit of skipping the first meal of the day? You shouldn't as after many years of research, it has been proven that skipping breakfast is not a good idea as it may lead to overeating the next meal which leads to additional calories and perhaps weight gain as well.

As energy gets depleted by morning it is a good idea to start the day with a mix of proteins, fibre, and whole grain carbohydrates. As this will give you a feeling of being full and content for a longer period.


Also, if you happen to be keen on indulging in sugary breakfasts like me, I strongly emphasize to discredit the idea as once the carbohydrates burn out one is likely to feel sluggish and hungry before lunch. Adopt a better mix of a wholesome breakfast as opposed to skipping breakfast or indulging in overly sugary breakfasts.


Replace coffee with water 

Beginning your day with caffeine at the time might be a  great idea, however, the body tends to be dehydrated by morning. Instead start your day by drinking at least a litre of water to help the body stimulate digestion and help optimize the metabolism of your organs.

It was habitual for me to begin my day with a large mug of coffee. I thought it helped me kick start my day, making me feel alert. I suddenly started experiencing very severe headaches and became very irritable for the better half of the day.

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After personally doing some research on the reasons for having too many headaches, I discovered that I wasn't drinking enough water. Honestly like many I thought this is absurd and it's a joke. I decided to give it a try and discovered after all drinking water is beneficial.  Touch wood I no longer have headaches and I'd strongly recommend you give it a go.

Improvise these new habits in your life and you will notice changes not only throughout the day but in your life. You will notice that you will become productive, energetic and have a sense of tranquility.

I trust that this article will inspire you to rid yourself from unwanted habits.

by Disha Sharma

October 2021

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