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His approach as a football coach to children as young as 4 to 16 years is more holistic. And another life he leads is as a Pranic Healer, you got to give it a go to understand this amazing experience. Conversations with this wise one is always enlightening, and a Eureka moment. This month our Chit Chat is with Sagar Lakhani, A Pranic Healer, who is not only humble but also has a great sense of humour, who uses analogies to patiently explain about Pranas, its origins, benefits and linking it to emotions, spirituality and Yoga.


What is Pranic Healing? 

A form of energy healing. All of us have an energy field within and around us. When this energy field is imbalanced then we start having diseases at different levels. Pranic healing is a tool to balance this energy field resulting to improved physical, emotional and mental health.


What does Pranic Healing mean?

Pranic Healing comes from the Sanskrit word Prana which means life energy or life force. It is a Universal concept. The Chinese call it Chi. The Japanese call it Ki. It is the life force that sustains us.


Once the Prana leaves the body, is that the end of life, or death?

Yes the body dies when the prana completely leaves the body. When prana completely leaves the organs, those organs start ‘failing’.


What is the Origin of Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing has been practiced since ancient of times. However, after lots of research, Master Choa compiled the healing system and called it Modern Pranic Healing which is really a synthesis of best practices.


What is Master Choa’s background?

He was of a Chinese origin, born and raised in the Philippines. His academic background was in chemical engineering, but he was always interested in healing and spirituality. From an early age, he started exploring energy healing and techniques for accelerating one’s spiritual progress.


How do you feel this energy?

In general, we feel this energy in the palms of our hands or the pads of our fingers. This technique is taught in the course and helps us to ‘scan’ the energetic condition of a person. It gives us an indication of energy imbalances in one’s aura.


What does a typical pranic healing session involve?

A typical session depends on the condition being treated. Simple conditions take a shorter period however, more chronic conditions take longer. This can be done in person or at a distant. The patient is usually in a relaxed position either sitting or lying down. The healer then applies the healing protocol based on the condition or ailment being treated.

The number of healing required would also depend on the severity of the condition.


What happens to the body when there is insufficient Prana?

When the whole body has little prana, the person tends to experience weakness and becomes susceptible to disease. When specific parts of the body have extraordinarily little prana over a period of time, the corresponding organs start getting diseased.

For example, if there is insufficient prana in the throat then that manifests not only as throat problems such as sore throat but could also manifest as thyroid issues over time.


How do you bring back balance in the energy?

In addition to pranic healing, following general health guidelines helps too. Diet, exercise, sleep, the quality of thoughts and emotions all impact our overall energy levels. Negative thoughts and emotions negatively affect our health.


How does Pranic Healing effect emotions?

Certain chakras are responsible for certain emotions – both positive and negative. Therefore, when those chakras are healed, the negative qualities are reduced, and positive qualities increased. I.e., The solar plexus chakra is where most of our stress energy is lodged. However, it is also the chakra responsible for healthy self-interest. Therefore, when this chakra is treated, one becomes less stressed but also more balanced in their relationships.


What are the benefits of Pranic Healing?

Lots of benefits. Healing our physical bodies, our thoughts and emotions and our relationships

From a parent’s perspective, being able to heal your child is very empowering. From coughs and colds to infections to sports injuries. For babies, even helping them through teething and growth pains.

From a career or lifestyle perspective, it is especially useful because you can heal stress or fear. In addition, you can have more physical and mental energy and become more productive.

In essence, anyone and everyone in all walks of life can benefit at some level.


How can Pranic Healing help with Spirituality?

If we define spirituality as a way of life, an alignment with virtues and our true nature, then pranic healing is greatly beneficial. The pranic healing courses deep dive into the virtues and how these virtues manifest in our lives. This deep dive helps to bring clarity and awareness of ourselves which allows us to make positive changes. These changes strengthen our spiritual connection. In addition, we also teach certain meditation techniques to strengthen our spiritual connection.


Does Pranic Healing and Yoga complement each other?

It is important to define the word “Yoga”, when we say yoga, everybody thinks we are going to do some sun salutations. But that’s not what the word yoga means – Yoga actually means union with our true nature. In some texts it is called union with our Krishna nature or Buddha nature or Christ nature. So, in this case, Pranic healing helps us towards Yoga since it is also a spiritual tool.


What is the thing you like most about being a Pranic Healer?

You can really improve the quality of life of a person. Even with chronic conditions, the symptoms can be greatly relieved.  Some people I have treated have suffered for a long time, however, after a few sessions, their life really improves. This is really enriching.


What is your way of contributing to the community? 

Mainly through healing and teaching people to become healers themselves. Fundamentally, the more healers we are, then more people experience healing, and this has a positive impact in our families and eventually in our communities.


What do you do for relaxation? 

I enjoy being outdoors with my family. Meditation helps too. And watching football.


How can people contact you? 


Mobile: +254 727 839014

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