Inspire Tale

The Unheard Chapter

My Journey towards Spiritual Healing


Not everyone ends up in life where they expect to. Sometimes we find ourselves arriving at a destination that we never thought about. What would you call this? A detour? A Stop Over? Or is this actually where you are meant to be?

There are a lot of varying opinions about this. And while some will consider this a result of failing to plan your life, I would call it destiny. You will always find yourself being pulled towards the direction of that which you were meant to be, do or become.

My life started off as a very confused child. I was raised by a single parent, my mother, and I grew up completely unbeknownst to what a father is. Unfortunately, I met him very late in life. So late that he left little impact on me, and to this day I am unable to relate to the word “Dad”.

I went through the first decade of my life trying to fit in with everyone else, conjuring up images of a father when called to, and then having to deal with the shame and anger of reality when caught lying by friends, who would yell, “She doesn’t have a father”. You see, I grew up in a time where divorces were taboo, and to be a child without a father was completely unheard of.

For a long time, I silently resented my mother for putting me through this. Of course I did not understand why people got divorced until I experienced my own turbulent and violent marriage and ended up divorced. That’s when I silently made peace with my mother. Thank God I had no children, but I realized what all she must have gone through to raise me single handedly. God Bless my Angel.

I grew up a rebel. Since I could not “fit into” the system, I chose to challenge it.  And this remains true to date. It is not easy opposing systems or going against the currents. You stumble and fall a number of times, and you have no choice but to pick yourself up and get right back again.


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One of these falls was my marriage, at the end of which started, what I believe, the beginning of the end. It collapsed at the most important time of my career. I was CEO of my own IT Company, and happened to run it with my spouse, who had a whole different plan for the business. Our Ideas clashed and because patriarchy expects me to bow down and accept all, I ended up losing my ten year old business and found myself under a mountain of debt.

My spouse had absconded, leaving me to clean up and deal with the mess. Isn’t this just typical? Isn’t that what women do – clean up after everyone? I struggled for two years working a full time job and operating a sole proprietorship that helped me clear the debts that ran in millions. At the end of that time, I was done. My long drawn battle with divorce was nowhere near end and I was just tired.  

I decided to begin life a new and moved to Australia where no one knew me. Unfortunately, things weren’t meant to work out there, and two years later, I found myself once again exactly where I had started off.

I came back home angry. And this anger led me down another tunnel of ruin when I fell in love again. It was a big mistake that brought me two things: One, my passion for the outdoors, which I later discovered would be linked to my purpose, and two, my Spiritual Awakening. A three-year relationship ended down the drain, and once again I had lost everything, most importantly Time. It was at this juncture, in the pitfalls of my life, with no direction, no boundaries, and emotionally spent, that I realized, from this moment onwards I was going to have to be my own Savior. And so, life put in place a new set of experiences that would prepare me for my next chapter.

During this time life presented me with my first Spiritual Teacher. We met through my blog, and she volunteered to teach me Yoga over Skype (Zoom was unheard of then). Every Sunday, owing to the time differences, I would be on my laptop at 4pm waiting to be taught. This particular afternoon, she decided to shift things a little and instead we did a meditation. I still recall the experience. It was shocking. But what was more shocking, was her reaction to what came out of that meditation.

Nothing was the same after that meditation. My life completely changed. What was meant to be a simple 45 min meditation, turned into the onset of my Spiritual Journey. That meditation brought forth my Spiritual Guides. I was expecting my Spiritual Teacher to be just as shocked at this discovery, but instead she was calm. Of course she already knew this, and began working on introducing me to my inert healing gifts that had been dormant. What followed in the next two years were some of the most difficult times of my life. I had stepped foot on a path from which, although there was a choice, I couldn’t have turned back even if I wanted to.



I was taught the precincts of Energy Healing and how to use it. I became a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and discovered I was an empath that could intuitively feel and know things (Clairsentience).

It was difficult in the beginning. Spiritual Awakening is a dark period of your life, where you feel like you have everything to lose and nothing to gain. And I lost a lot – people, things, even my career (because the principles and values of the organization did not align with me anymore). Society does not accept such gifts, but then again I was a rebel. I continued to pursue my path until I had learned everything there was to learn from her. Soon after, she silently left the scene, preparing me for my next Spiritual Mentor, with whom I work till today.

The work of this Mentor was to horn in and fine tune my gifts and abilities. Under her tutelage I learnt even more about Energy Healing and Psychic Mediumship and went on to become a Spiritual Healer who had her own Chakras dissolved so that I could help others with theirs.

Since the advent of my spiritual journey, I was afraid of coming out of the closet, and restricted myself to healing close family and friends. But when the Pandemic struck in 2020, I felt called to reach out to people. And so under the pseudo name of Silver Moon Mystic, I started offering healing workshops and mentorships.

The more I embraced my gifts, the more gifts I acquired and the more clear I became about my purpose.

I am a Creatrix. An Alchemist. My purpose is to help facilitate a shift in human consciousness. I am needed to help others through their own awakening process and journey to bring their magic into the world.

And this is what I have dedicated my life to – growing in my purpose.

I have learnt that we may have our eyes set on a particular destination. And although we feel certain that we will get there, we must focus on the journey instead. For it is along the way that we may discover where it was that we needed, and not wanted, to go.

Hello, I am Alia and I am an Energy Healer and Teacher.


by Alia Datoo

April 2021

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