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In life we experience a roller coaster of emotions. We go through highs and lows, struggle, losses, disappointment and at times even heartbreak but even though as difficult as it may be one must look for inner strength, courage, and happiness.

Change is inevitable. At some point in life we have no choice but to digest some bitter life changing events which may need a lot of mental firmness and resilience to build ourselves up.

Loss is extremely chaotic, heart breaking and strenuous to anyone. One might suffer from a job loss or may have to face a loss of a near and dear one. It is overwhelmingly draining emotionally and mentally but the key question is that how can one overcome these hurdles and to emerge from these unrelenting trials.

Let's take a glance at the mannerism in which one may adapt in bringing contentment and delight towards enriching our lives.


Commonly a misconception regarded by the masses, meditation is not just a journey for the spiritually minded but it is an essential for anyone who is willing to give it a go. Meditation brings about peace of mind and a mindset from negativity to positivity. Just like how our email accounts and phones have the delete icons to make space for new messages, likewise, decluttering our minds is vital.

Setting up a daily routine to write down affirmations rewires the subconscious brain from the self-limiting beliefs and thoughts bringing about the feeling of grounding and euphoria.  Affirmations such as "I am happy" or "I am loved and cared for", are just a few examples one can use.

Make it a practice to listen to affirmations and podcasts which have a feel-good vibe in it. Post small, coloured chits of paper with some of your favourite affirmations and make it a point to read it every day.



Therapeutically journaling every thought can be a game changer in life. In a journal you are free to write all your sentiments and keep this as your personal diary.  A daily routine can give light to the red flags one needs to pay heed to and bring about the equilibrium in your way of living. Go on buy yourself a diary, some coloured pens write down your thoughts and filter out the patterns you need to do away with.



Practice a daily routine of improvising healthy eating habits, try not to skip any meals and get some form of exercise. A walk or doing some basic yoga stretches can help boost dopamine also known as the "happy hormones".


Add more to self-care – Healthy eating is common, exercise, yoga and walks are basic selfcare. What is the luxury self-care means, FUN WAYS! Mani Padi, Massage etc



Post covid the world has seen a sharp rise in unemployment, and many have been forced to be redundant. As painful as it seems during difficult times it is essential to have some savings. You might wonder how the need of money helps one feel happy? 

Well let's take a look at an example: if we have some savings we are able to remit for the basic common commodities, pay for utilities like water and electricity, pay for rent, and be able to purchase groceries. Not having savings can make one feel sad or even depressed as they can be overburdened to look for ways to get money.

One can probably find a hobby that could help earn some money too. As this can be very useful if there is no source of income.



Keep away from people who have nothing good to say, these people usually tend to only cause misery and pain in one's life.  Often these toxic people can be disguised as your friends, colleagues and not surprisingly it could be a family member. They are only good at ruining oneself confidence and self-esteem.

It is said happiness is contagious, recognize your tribe for they will uplift your feelings without being judgemental and they will exhort enhance you to do your best to accomplish your goals.

Add a spiritual angel on how toxic people affect you.



As cliché as it may sound, being organised can help you not only to balance your life but also manage your time well. A disorganised person will always be confused and is not likely to be able to meet deadlines. An organised setup initiates a sense of calm to the chaos and raises the feeling of enjoyment and accomplishment.

Talk about getting organised and decluttering, not only the materialistic goods but also emotional



 Often people have a habit of doing something only with the intention of expecting something in return. Often many people wishing that if they had a partner in their life they'd be happy. Sadly, this is not true. Happiness does not begin with people being with You or people doing things for You. Happiness is an inside job. This can only happen if you choose and work on it for Your own good. As quoted by Buddha "Never search your happiness in others. It will make you feel alone. Search it in yourself and you will feel happy even when left alone".



As I conclude, let's look at the need for being appreciated. This is an emotion unfortunately not acknowledged by the masses. For example, you may have noticed that at the place you work you are able to successfully complete deadlines and are able to give a helping hand to your colleagues to achieve their respective targets as well but unfortunately as you tirelessly strive all your efforts are not recognised, and you don't even receive a sincere word of appreciation. This can instantly make you feel demotivated as it brings the feeling of lack.

The word appreciation acts as a catalyst not only to feel motivated but also to feel a sense of exhilaration in completing a task wholeheartedly. Then again, it is not always about the material gains or acknowledgement; and gratitude can bring forth an optimistic frame of mind. Go on, why not give it a go and watch how committed they become to accomplishing their duties.

Cherish and treasure all your near and dear ones and as you appreciate all those around you also bear in mind to give gratitude for everything that you have because whenever you gratify the universe tends to give you more. Having a great conviction and zeal, let us become the beacon of happiness.

By Disha Sharma

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