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Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Ego?

I am a part of your mind that facilitates between your conscious and unconscious and I am responsible for testing the reality and a part of your personal identity. I inflate your self-esteem and self-importance to make you look like you are better than everyone else. I let you remind your friends that you have a fantastic mind.


What is an example of having you (Ego) around?

You think you are important and valuable, the bigger the ego the better. He/she would never admit they are ever wrong; I make you have a chip on your shoulder.


Ego, What are your signs?

Lack of empathy, I want you to always have one-sided conversations, I must have constant recognition and always win. And I always, always want more!


Ego, are you a feeling or an emotion?

Simply put I am that feeling that makes you have self-importance, it is your personal identity.


Ego, what is your relationship with behaviour?

I like you to mostly have negative traits like, criticising and judging others, being inflexible and rigid, have mood swings, need to possess a constant need for praise and approval. Just to name a few!


Are you a positive or a negative thing?

Although I always imply the egocentric or egotistical in people, but I can be used in a positive aspect for you to have a solid, healthy  and strong sense of self.


Ego thoughts by Leela Gurukul

Ahankar (Ego)

Ego is often seen as a barrier to spiritual growth, as individuals become too attached to their own self-image and identity. In tantra, the goal is not to eliminate the ego, but rather to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. This involves developing awareness of the ways in which the ego operates and learning how to transcend its limitations.


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