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Kiran's Magic Candles


Our candles are hand-poured and reiki-charged in Shoeburyness, Essex.

The candles are made with organic soy wax that is vegan friendly and cruelty free, with an excellent hot and cold scent throw that last's longer. Our scents are made with organic essential oils with reiki healing energy used to charge each of the hand-poured candles, there is a candle for everyone's need and use to enhance positivity in life.

Our range:


Classic Collection - based on the 7 main chakras (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown) and moods


Zodiac Collection - infused with scents and herbs to enhance your zodiac sign attributes.


Wax Work - emphasis on Gaia (Mother Nature), Male and Female energy, Ganesha, Buddha, Herb Pillar and Pillar candles.


Message in a candle - say it with a candle, "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", "Fab Friend", "New Home", "I Love You" and "Affirmations". 


Smudge Kits - kits to bring abundance, love, inner strength, cleansing or you can request for a bespoke smudge kit. 


Herb Candles - bring some magic into your life, herbs can be used to enhance a manifestation into reality. 


Spell Jars - bring magic to your life with abundance, manifestation, love, self or home protection or request for a bespoke spell jar.


Massage Oil Candle - compliments massage therapy for yourself, couples, and clients.


We also make seasonal and bespoke candles to your specifications and use, for more details email us on


Candle Magic 1-2-1 Workshop

Bring magic into you life with these candle magic workshops that will teach you how to prepare a candle for a ritual.

The fire element is the quickest element that enables you to set and manifest your intentions.

The Road Opener ritual opens doors to manifest Business Goals, Personal Goals and Invite Opportunities. As you remove these blocks, you will begin to witness the manifestation taking place of your true desires in front of you.

Items for the ritual are included in the price of the workshop.

* Candle

* Herbs, flowers and resin

* Oil

The session lasts upto 2 hours where you will be given a step by step guide to prepare the candle for the ritual and a manual to take home.

What's New

Launching new candles and accessories is an exciting experience and bringing these offerings to you as an individual.

Zodiac Collection


Our Zodiac Collection enhance each of the positive qualities of the zodiac sign with herbs, scents and reiki healing. 


Wax Work

Our Wax Work Collection enhance each of the positive energy the candle depicts. 


Say It With a Message


Our Say It With a Message Collection as the name suggests personalise it  with a message.  


Spell Jars, Smudge Kits & Loose Incense


You can order your spell jars and smudge kits for purposeful and magical pack with charged reiki and intuitive healing energy, a jar/kit for everyone's needs and use to enhance joy in life. 



Our Stockists

West Road, Shoeburyness

Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Nyali, Mombasa

Mombasa, Kenya

Shoeburyness, Essex


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8 months ago

I ordered a yellow Gaia candle for my office space, and asked for it to be wickless as I am never burning it. I can't stop smelling it, the blue lotus scent hits the spot every time.

8 months ago

I connected with the Abundance Spell jar and there have been changes ever since and I love it. Thank you so much 💕

10 months ago

I was skeptical before I bought your spell jar to manifest. And it's blown my mind away, I followed your how to use instructions and OMG! I manifested my first wish. I am on my 3rd manifestation. Thank you!!!

10 months ago

Thank you Kiran for making a birthday hamper for my sister. I love that you gave me the option of a budget and you created the hamper according to it. Love it!

a year ago

Love your candles and thank you for making candles to my requirements.

3 years ago

Thanks for creating these amazing candles. Everyone at home felt calm including myself, we all felt relaxed. We have not felt like this in a long time, it has definitely lifted up my spirits, you truly are a blessing. I will be lighting another one this weekend as the candle lasted 18 hours, to be safe. Already placed an order for more candles as presents for my family too, as I know they will definitely benefit from your magic candles.

Rupi Kandola
3 years ago

Wow! Just wow! I used the Happy-Go-Lucky candle and within 24 hours of lighting it, I got some money come through to me and I had a clearance towards my income.
A week later, I used the Hakuna Matata candle and it instantly invoked a relaxing and calm energy in my surroundings. These candles are beautiful healing in a tin available for everyone and I highly recommend using them to your advantage with a positive mind and flow of energy! Thanks Kiran, I'm looking forward to lighting the Dil Say and High Vibes!