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Shermila Lindsey


She is all good that comes in a small package. This wonderful soul sister is a channel healer, a strong empowered woman who runs her own Women Meditation Circle (WMC). She recently became a Water Mastery©️ Healer and peaked my curiosity as to what this form of healing entails. And blow my mind it did. This month our Chit Chat is with Sermila Lindsey, who talks about who she is, past life regression, Water Mastery©️ healing, her morning routine, and winding down.


Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Shermila Lindsey?

Well where do I start ..... I am 47 years old, I believe I am a strong empowered woman. I am a wife to my amazing husband (we are still happy and in love after almost 19 years of marriage it is possible people) and a mother to 2 amazing and talented teenage boys.  I was brought up as Hindu so that is what started me on my spiritual path, however, now I actually believe there is truth and similarities in all religions so I take from a lot of religions and cultures.  My spiritual journey has turned me inside out, back to front and upside down, there has been so many tears and much laughter but my faith has kept me breathing, living and loving. I love walks in nature and confess to tree hugging

Throughout my life I have had to face a lot of adversity being brought up in leigh on Sea in 1970’ and 80!s I was bullied for being different, for being brown, for being Hindu, for being small, for being hairy even the local priest chucked me out of the choir for being Hindu! I am also a survivor of sexual abuse, and I truly believe that all of the negatives I have had to face has made me the mother, wife, daughter, sister friend and healer I am today, and I am very proud of her of me.  Because of the trauma I had suffered in my childhood I developed rheumatoid arthritis in my early 20's and fibromyalgia so in my early 30's I decided to learn Reiki which led on to other Therapies.  In my naivety I thought I could fully heal myself then go on to heal others however, I learnt it doesn’t work like that. We are human beings living a human experience, so we are always healing and learning! I manage my symptoms very well through my work on myself, with others, meditation, and self-healing.


What sort of Holistic Therapies do you specialise in?

I offer Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Past Life Regression, Soul Journey through Past Life Regression, Water Mastery©️ system


What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a light form of hypnosis which take the individual back through time to their past lives by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden by their subconscious mind. The client will view their past life like a film or a lucid dream.


How does Past Life Regression benefit the recipient?

We are all born as a blank slate, but we are soul rich with wisdom and scars from 100’s of lifetimes.  These can be things left undone, failures, mistakes, successes, emotional guilt, sudden death, gratitude, wisdom, love, and repetitive cycles of behaviour.  They can be positive and negative continually be triggered and repeated lifetime after lifetime they can affect our present relationships behaviours and motivations and even our health. By bringing these memories to the conscious mind we can release these patterns that no longer serve us freeing us to live more fully, healthy and awake in the present. This works the same for phobias too.


You hold active meditation workshops, what is involved in the workshop?

Active meditation is a technique designed to work with the entire body and mind involving conscious breathing, body movement and music. It has been designed for the modern day person with stressful day to day living.

Who it for? For those who find it difficult to sit quietly and meditate, with a hyperactive mind and body, for anyone and everyone. This meditation will help with stress relief, burn calories, improve focus, connection between mind and body, release emotional blocks within the body. This form of meditation will help to release energy blocks within the body and chakras and allows suppressed emotions to the surface.

The active meditation is in stages. For the first two stages we will be awakening our bodies and releasing to drumming and techno music. For the next we will be chanting then accepting the energies that we have created, then dancing. We will end with a laying down meditation with quartz crystal sound bowls.


What is Water Mastery and how does it heal the recipient?

Water Mastery ©️ is a completely new beautiful, powerful modality of healing that I have had the honour and pleasure of learning and receiving. It is the most powerful and magical healing I have ever experienced.

 Water Mastery ©️  system was downloaded by Mother Isis and the Seraphim Brachiel of most high to our dear earth angel Rachel Edgley. It combines Angelic frequency with sound, vibration, and heat to restructure the water cells within the body. I will work on a particular meridian of the body to balance the water and fire element within.

As humans we are walking crystalline structures very much like a crystal however, due to lifestyle, stagnation, pollutants and electromagnetic frequencies we have lost our cellular structure within, and our health becomes comprised causing dis – ease.  By using vibration and light we can create movement and restructure the water cells within the body so that we can hold greater quantities of light so that the body can heal itself.

Water Mastery©️ can

Aid deep relaxation and improve sleep

Balance endocrine glands and regulate hormonal functioning

Cleanse negative energy and emotions

Cleanse the electromagnetic field of low vibration

Energise your lymphatic system

Help you to connect with your higher self

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Nourish and oxygenate cells

Remove blockages and toxins

Speed up the body’s ability to self heal

Stimulates circulation

Strengthen the immune system

Through the experience that I have had with my clients it can release trauma of sexual abuse in the yoni.

WM can assist to balance and improve a variety of conditions but is not limited. By adjusting the fire & water element within you, your whole entire body will be brought into balance and harmony.


Tell us more about the Women’s Meditation Circle (WMC)?

After all the lock downs and because I am in a very male dominant house a hubby and 2 teenage sons with my tortoise Shelby for female company lol I decided to start a women’s circle.  So, I ran my 1st circle on 15st May 2021 called Women’s Conversation & Meditation.  The idea of the group is to learn, support, empower each other, each month each sister will have a chance to facilitate the circle in whatever skill they would like to.  This has been very powerful as it has given them courage to start their own workshops.  We always do a guided meditation followed by lunch. I love this circle and have found my soul family through doing these.


What sort of workshops have been facilitated in the WMC?

Manifestation – How to manifest your hearts desire (you did that one! ) x2

Making Vision Boards x2


Introduction to spells

Introduction to Emotional freedom technique

Upcoming circles

The menopause

Yoni sculpting with clay



Do you have a morning routine to set you for the day?

Take 3 breaths and thank the universe

Drink a glass of water

Have breakfast (2 Weetabix and decaf tea and oat milk) whilst having breakfast I love listen to Ho'oponopono then it’s a shower, meditation, breathwork and stretching and then my day begins ....


What’s your go-to way of winding down after a long day?

I like to indulge/relax in front of the tele and watch a comedy or read


What is the one word that you want people to associate you with?



What are the challenges you face in your profession?

I feel that so many people are so interested in the outsides of their bodies and do not think about healing from the inside. Naivety not understanding it wanting to understand what healing. Being afraid of what they do not understand.


How do you contribute towards the society/community?

I volunteer with One Love soup kitchen once a month and provide reiki healing for the quests, and running the women’s circle too.


If you were not a holistic healer/therapist, what would you be doing?

Ha ha  I am struggling to answer that one, Erm not sure probably volunteering somewhere

How can people contact you? 


Instagram: @shermilalindsey


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