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Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Alia?

Always find this a difficult question to answer, but if there was one title that I found helps me describe myself, it is an Alchemist.

Alchemists love to transform what is at hand into something that they aspire. And this has been my life long truth. To take whatever I am experiencing in the present moment, whether good or bad, and transmute it into what I desire to experience instead.

I teach this to everyone I meet, be it friends, strangers, clients or students – you have the power to change your life and your destiny.

I am also a Multipassionate (varied interests in life), a lifelong learner, and a Creatrix – if I do not create or learn I feel depleted and low and my vibratory frequency drops. So I am always in the midst of creating and learning.

 What is Silver Moon Mystic?

Silver Moon Mystic (SMM) is the epitome of my life. It has what helped me find and shape my purpose. It is my way of teaching people how to free themselves from the beliefs and stories that bind them.

SMM was the pseudo name I gave myself when I was coming out of the closet with my gifts and talents as a healer. Just like anyone, I was afraid of stepping into my true power and essence, because I was afraid of being judged and ostracised. It has now become the brand under which I work as a Healer, Teacher and Mentor.

What qualifications do you required for your line of work?

If I can be very honest, we are all healers, teacher and guides. We just need to tap into our innate wisdom and knowledge.  But it’s always a good Idea for you to find a mentor who can guide you to further develop your innate gifts.

I come from a family of healers, and so it was only a matter of conviction and accepting who I am to help me step into my power as a healer.  Through apprenticeship of my mentors, I was able to further horn my skills and really dive deep to discover who I was on a multidimensional level.

Unfortunately, when I started sharing the knowledge that I had with others, I was pushed back with the demand of proof of certifications and qualifications. It is only then that I sought these to “prove” my ability to society.

And so I pursued certifications for things that I already practiced just to keep the challengers satisfied and my supporters wowed!

What products and services do you provide?

I offer Energy sessions to those looking to heal themselves from the energy blocks caused by emotional and traumatic experiences. Though these sessions I help them shift the energy from a low vibrating “I am Stuck” frequency and transmute it to “I am aware and in control of my life and happiness”

I also teach a variety of courses through the Academy. These are aimed at getting people to become aware of themselves as powerful Energetic beings, how they can work with their energy and access their innate gifts and abilities.

And I also offer Life and Business Mentorship based purely on Energetics. As a CEO myself I have the 3D entrepreneurship knowledge, but through Energetics we find the perfect alignment to set you up for success.

Do you have to join the Silver Moon Academy to access the courses?

There is no membership as such, you simply sign up for the course and attend. You can take this on your own or as a group.

I also offer both in-person and online.

What is the most bizarre thing you have dealt with in your line of work?

I am also a medium and during my session I allow for any passed energies (that are good) to come through and assist with my client’s healing.
This one time, my clients grandmother came through – a typical African woman, plump and with a gap between her tooth and she distinctly told me to LEAVE THE ROOM AS SHE WORKS ON HER GRANDDAUGHTER.

(Please note they do not appear in physical form, but I get an impression of them). So I left the room and waited to be summoned back.

My client later told me that she felt the presence of her late grandma with her. Very strange and interesting!

What do you enjoy the most in your profession?

The AHA Moments!  You are a Spiritual Being, here to have a full human experience – the good bad and ugly – but remembering that you are coming from a place of sovereignty is a game changer – it puts things into perspective and gives my clients all those wonderful AHA! Moments!

I have seen clients who have come to me for their first session in a very poorly state – emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically – their self-esteem has been completely diminished, their sense of self completely eroded – and by the time they come for the second and third sessions, they are all smiles, glowing, confident beings in control and in charge of theta lives and happiness!

This makes my heart sing and assures me I’m on the right path!

What are the challenges you face in your profession?

Religious Bigotry.

I have a lot of clients who come to me for healing session but then are afraid whether they are going against their religious norms.

This is where I tell people that Religion is for the Ego and Spirituality is for the soul. If anything, when you develop a spiritual practice, you are communicating with God, Source, your Creator, directly without any middlemen, rules or manmade concepts.

Tell us about Watu Wa Hike, Kenya.

Oh! My favourite part!  WWH is my way of tapping into the power of nature!  It is a Hiking outfit aimed to get people reconnected to nature through hiking and mountaineering. There is nothing like spending time in nature – away from technology.

I was inspired by my own experience climbing my first mountain. It was a life lesson on conquering The Mountain Within.

One of my mentors says that we are wirelessly wired to the sun and hard wired to the earth.

We are not in nature, we are part of nature.

Did you know spending 15 mins in nature reducing 1hr of harmful effects from EMF. SO imagine a whole day out in the forests, mountains and waterfalls of Kenya!

It’s also a great way to see and appreciate the Beauty and magic of Kenya!



Do you have a morning routine to set you for the day?

I love to move in the morning. So after my meditation and prayers I hit the gym or the pool or the forest.

My meditation routine is sitting still in silence for a few minutes. Focusing on my breath and my energy. I visualise my day as I set the vibration using my singing bowls to amplify the intention for the day.

After my prayers with also includes a gratitude ritual, I am all set for the day.

What’s your go-to way of winding down after a long day?

Spending time in Nature – so I usually go for a walk in the forest if I have time, or then go for a long drive through green spaces with my windows all down to let the breeze in. I always carry some Florida water in my car so I spritz this to clear my energy from my day long healing sessions, and then as I walk or drive I listen to healing sounds  to ground and bring me back to my centred state.

What is the one word that you want people to associate you with?


 If you were not running Silver Moon Mystic, what would you be doing?

 I would probably be running another business. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood.

How can people contact you? 

You can reach me on my social media handles:
Facebook: silvermoonmystic
IG: silver_moon_mystic

Website: www.silvermoonmystic.com

Whatsapp +254728764072


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