Have A Go

Mirror Work


“What comes to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?” The self-talk, the critique comes out firing all guns blazing. We start considering the mirror our enemy and spend the first 10 minutes each morning scrutinizing all the flaws we think we have, all the nips and tucks we could have if it were affordable. But why do we succumb to the pressures of what the society perceives to be “perfect”? Imagine a world where we all looked the same, almost identical, boring, right? But NO! each one of us are here with our own unique identity, character, including our appearance.


In Louise Hay’s eBook “Mirror Work, 21 Days To Heal Your Life” ‘looking deeply into your eyes and repeating affirmations.’ All the self-talk, the mind chatter begins to inhibit the subconscious mind begins to be a typical belief that we begin to think and live. And as Ms Hay says using positive affirmation enhances the healing thought process that boosts self-confidence and self-esteem that brings about inner peace and joy.


Affirming these positive affirmations out loud, in front of a mirror make them even more powerful. And in turn the mirror reflects all the emotions and feelings as a mirror never lies. This is one technique where it teaches one to be true to themselves, brings out your resistance to a thought, your comfort level and relationship with yourself. It brings about an awareness on what thought process is a limiting belief that you no longer resist and are prepared to release and bring peace and harmony.


Photo by Rupi Kandola


Each morning when you look at your bathroom mirror, look deeply into your eyes, take a deep breath and affirm “Today I will love you just the way you are. So let’s have some fun.” At first you will feel silly, think it is ridiculous and want to have a cry, feel angry, your anxiety may also kick in, but trust the process. Keep a journal a record of all your feelings. Revisit these feelings later in the day and each time you pass a mirror, affirm “I am falling in love with you, [you can add your name as well]”


Things I learnt:

  • There was a lot of resistance to let go of the belief system.
  • I no longer started seeing the mirror as an enemy but a friend.
  • I learnt to let go of the self-talk and began to build my confidence.
  • My affirmation in front of the mirror - “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, I Love Me and I Love All.”


I recommend this technique!