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Time to time if it wasn't by reading, often I came across the word manifestation through friends or from random people. At first, I couldn't fathom how manifesting can bring my desires into fruition until I decided to venture into this magical journey.


Let us begin by understanding what the word manifestations means. Technically you attract whatever you put your focus on. This is executed whereby one practices the law of attraction to fulfil their wishes into reality. These wants can be tangible such as a car, a house, or business to intangible things such as love, health, marriage or even friendship.


One might wonder what the true objective is to manifest and how one can benefit from this wonderful enchantment. Without any further ado turn our attention to the benefits of manifesting below.


There are days when one feels dispirited and with the lack of sense of conviction to set up future goals feels very demotivated. It has been said that by regularly listening to a set of affirmations just before the beginning of the day can enhance a positive attitude in the frame of mind of a person and also improve self-confidence.


Being grateful and appreciative about the small things in life can influence one to believe that they can get greater things in life. Never forget to be thankful for all you have, the basic essentials such as shelter, food, education and health you possess as often these facts are never acknowledged as one is blinded to gaining worldly material.


Ever wondered how manifesting has the power to either wreck your mind or bring peace of mind? Abraham Hicks once quoted "Whatever you are thinking about is literally planning about a future event. When you are worrying, you are planning. When you're appreciating, you are planning." So really, what sort of planning is it?


Manifesting brings about making positive choices for better health. Discipline plays a major role. In my opinion I strongly believe that health is essential and that if we fail to pay attention to our health it then becomes impossible to manifest anything in life. The key here is that if one needs to manifest anything whatsoever, they first need to is be disciplined. Discipline and manifestation literally synchronise.


There are innumerable ways to manifest. Depending on what tickles your fancy let's have a look at some techniques used below.


This is a very straightforward method used by those who have no idea where to get the ball rolling from. Let's begin with the method.


One’s Desires are endless. Everyone is seeking something to make them feel content. These can be anything from material gains such as an abundant supply of money, a house or two, a chain of businesses or even a partner to get married to, good health, education and even embarking on a spiritual journey.


Now that you are aware of what it is that you want, you must back up your desires with positivity. Let's look at an example. For instance, if I desire to have good health but I choose to eat fried meals and sugar loaded desserts and not to do any exercise, how is it possible for me to manifest good health? In order to live a healthy lifestyle I'd have to adapt to eating a balanced diet, exercise and perhaps take part in meditation and yoga.


Visualisation is key. Once you are aware of your desires, write it down in a journal or place it in an area where you can read it every day. Then with the help of positive affirmations and making a dream board and thinking as if you have already achieved what you have desired for and giving thanks to the Universe. Now sit back and watch the magic unfold. The above are simple steps to begin your manifesting journey.


Just as the title suggests the law of attraction is believed to be based on how we give energy to our thoughts. For example, if you believe in positive thoughts the outcome is likely to be positive and vice versa. So how should this law be applied, you might wonder. Firstly, it all begins by being thankful for what you already have. Most of the time people get attracted to "having more" and often take for granted and forget about what they already have. Now visualise your goals backing it up with positive affirmations. Also remember that in an event of a negative occurrence remember to focus on a positive outlook.


I am certainly sure that you will find these methods useful and enjoyable. Keep in mind that like attract like so always align your feelings with your desires.


In the game above, write down any three things you wish to see and put it aside without thinking how and when you'll get to see it. Once you see it, cross it off from the list. This exercise helps to grow your manifesting strength.


I call this game the call of joy because it truly brings joy.  If you have been waiting to hear some positive news from a job interview, then send a telepathic message to the interviewer and imagine yourself being congratulated on getting your dream job along with a massive pay cheque. Now that you have set your intentions to the Universe just sit back not thinking of when it will happen of course don't forget to apply for the job first.


In nutshell affirmations are positive sentences used in present tense phrases that relate to your intended wishes. You must believe that whatever is it that you wish is already yours and let the universe bring to you that or even better. All you need to do is to write the affirmations 5 times a day in your diary, read them out loud to yourself, meditate on them. Also, you may write it down on small pieces of paper and pin it on the board, stick it on the mirror or even place it in your wallet.


Did you know that you can manifest your desires even when you go to sleep? All you need to do is to write down your desires and put the paper under your pillow and visualise yourself in possession of your dreams.


You may give it whichever name you wish to but all in all they both are effective in the end results. Dream or Vision boards are tools which one uses to visualises what they want or what they want to be soon. On this blank canvas you are free to write positive affirmations, draw, write posts and even stick up posters of what you'd like to have in the future.

Go on buy some coloured sketch pens, coloured glitter or anything you'd like to have to pen down your desires.


The small simple pleasures in life are usually the big things to be thankful for. A gratitude journal can help you manifest your big dreams and wishes and to achieve this it is very important for you to make it a habit to journal every day without fail, only focusing on your blessings.

Start by buying a diary. Everyday either at the beginning of the day or just before sleeping, write down three things that you are grateful for. For example, I am thankful for being healthy, I am grateful for having a roof over my head or I am thankful for a caring and loving family. Write a quote and a few affirmations which resonate with what you are grateful for and see how your manifesting powers come into existence.

Finally remember that the entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want so always be mindful of what you wish for and as Abraham Hicks once said "You are the only one who creates your own reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you every bit of it you".


By Disha Sharma

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