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Zen Wax Burner Gift Set


Includes a ceramic wax burner and a selection of 10 pieces of heart shaped scented wax melts. The ceramic wax burner is approximately 10cm high with a shallow bowl that holds 2 pieces of the wax melt with a burn time of approximately 8 hours.

Hand poured and reiki charged organic soy wax melts that are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Types of wax melts:

Aroha – Red scented with Sandalwood perfect for that grounding meditation or centering breathing exercise. Courage, passion and strength

Cyrene – Orange scented with Frankincense perfect for bringing out that creative flare and confidence.

Jem - Yellow scented with Ylang-Ylang brings about the calming effect, learning and mental clarity.

Lior - Green scented with Rose brings with it good luck, prosperity, and fertility.

Luna – Light Blue scented with Eucalyptus is perfect for speaking your truth and bringing out your true authentic self.

Rio – Dark Blue scented with Camphor is perfect for healing, meditation, and visualization.

Sena - Purple scented with Lavender is all to do with intuition and divination.

Wax burners can get extremely hot, therefore it is advisable to use then on heat resistant plates or trays. Do not touch the burner when in use as the are hot. Keep then out of reach of children and pet. The wax melts are not consumable hence refrain from eating them. Do not light an candle and leave it unattended.