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Published on 5 August 2023 at 12:35

In my article love yourself, I mentioned about ways to make yourself happy, after all it is an inside job. And now you are a work in progress, how does one keep it maintained, you may have done the time spending in nature, you have indulged in having a healthy and luxurious meal, travelling by yourself, exercise, meditation, and yoga.

Being purposely happy is becoming normalised and it is the way forward, you owe it to yourself, when you make the small changes within is when you will see the changes around you. A few short tips follow:

Read a book!

If you are seeking a mentor, seek it in the books that you read. Not only reading is a stress buster it enables one to empathize, but it also improves the memory, focus, and communication skills as well as exercises the brain. Books are a fantastic source of gaining valuable knowledge and good for entertainment.   

Write a journal.

Keeping a journal helps in tracking your progress and growth by achieving goals. This helps you gain confidence, inspiration by streaming consciousness and strengthens the memory by reducing stress and anxiety. Improving the vocabulary, communication, and written skills, in the process.

Call a friend.

It is common knowledge that having time to call a friend is a great form of boosting the mood and improves the quality of social interaction through the engagement. Meeting a friend and having a meaningful relationship is has even higher benefits in fostering communication and for mental health.

Step out of the Comfort Zone

You learn more about yourself when you step out of the familiarity, it enhances your creativity and helps you to sharpen your focus on yourself. You must challenge yourself to make the most of your untapped resources and skills. It also enables you to make much needed changes in life.

Create magic!

Taking one task or step at a time is very important, do not deal with everything at the same time, pick one task that you feel you can work with at the time, temporarily store the rest in a mental box to deal with next after the completion of the first task. This will hone your focus and empower you to create Magic!


Kiran Kaur

*** Dear Reader,

The topics I write about are not for the faint hearted, I write from the depth of my heart and this is my way of expressing myself. And I will under no circumstances apologise for my views.

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