The Sea

Published on 5 August 2023 at 11:45

Today by words I choose to share the pearl of wisdom to enrich and enlighten your soul so carefully feel this mystical magic unfold. 

I have lived for billions of years on this planet called earth. I believe that I was born when the gases combusted into water and covered 70% of the planet. Even though my birth was rigorous I was beautifully transformed, and I touched all the continents and was set to witness many adventures unfold.

At dawn I welcomed the mesmerizing sunrise which kept me warm and as dusk approached, I was delighted to watch the sun wish me goodnight as the beautiful sun set onto the horizon. I have witnessed the sky change color during the day and experienced the changes of the spectacular seasons, but the sunsets have always been a magical mystery. I am in awe of the moonrise and amazed at the dazzling stars as though being sprinkled with glittering sparkle dust over me.

I have a special bond with the moon as I often look forward to when the moon is new and full, the two special nights where I become mightier and stronger and I hit the shore in fashion as I dance away in a trance to the moon's solemn allure.

I am a domicile to an array of sea creatures and seaweed. I witnessed the joyous birth and sad demise of numerous sea creatures. Every continent I have touched is different.  I have seen different people and heard many languages. Regardless of where I have been, if there's one thing that I have sighted that is widespread, is the unison of mankind even if they spoke different languages their actions were alike.

I have been a healer, a comforter and bear witness to many ceremonies and celebrations too. I have observed babies and children being baptized, celebrated birthdays of all ages, couples propose to one another and catch glimpses of engagements and even solemnity of marriages.

Amid all the happiness I discovered human pain, stress, loss, depression, and grief. I have played a part as a catalyst to release pain, brokenness as well as been a stress buster. I crafted magic that goes by the name of tranquility. I have sat by your side and watched you cry, nursed you and gathered your every teardrop and immersed it within the depths of my core.

I have kissed your feet and refreshed your soul and made you feel whole. I have the power to gift you with different shapes and sizes of shells and present you with a range of colorful pearls, all treasures within the capacity of my richness.

Rivers and rainfall have merged into me, not forgetting in extreme weather I have also turned into ice. Unfortunately, at times I have not been at my best and caused devastation at a large scale during tsunamis. I can be furious on the surface yet calm in depth.

I created waves for you to enjoy beach surfing and catered for you to enjoy an array of water sports games such as jet skiing, parasailing, deep diving, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more. Not only have you enjoyed some of the activities above, but I have also been able to captivate you into taking astonishing underwater photographs too.

With all the good that I give I feel sad to see how I am being abused.  I am not an outlet where you can freely dispose of your garbage. I am not a collector of poisonous chemicals you dispel and contaminate. Time and time again I have been mistreated because of your ignorance and negligence due to the oil spill. The thick black streaks of oil have hurt and killed many of marine life that reside within me.

Carelessness on your part, you have dumped all the non-biodegradable trash that has been poisoning the ecosystem with high content of microplastic matter. Sadly, I bear witness to species on the verge of extinction simply due to overexploitation of fishing for sport has resulted to the irreversible changes in marine life and the ecosystem.

If you can ponder over my advice, you shall notice the similarities we have. Just like me you are vast and can get access to an ocean of knowledge. You can learn from several people who live in different places.

You can grow even if at times you might think that the situation is hopeless.

The trick is to calm your mind so that you can receive your answers from within. On the surface things might look rough but deep within your thoughts are collective. This gives you the feeling of grounding yourself and gives you strength to conquer any situation head on.

Learn to be kind not only towards yourself but also to everyone around you as everyone is fighting a battle you might not be aware of. Be a friend or a mentor.  Become a keen listener. People do not always need words or opinions but instead at times all they are looking for is someone who can hear them out.

Don't get yourself involved in a toxic environment. It's better to keep distance from unnecessary drama.  Remember that Your peace of mind is a necessity. It's perfectly fine to feel hurt or depressed but what matters the most is that you don't remain in that domain for too long. Instead snap out of it as fast as You can.

Make sure that you can take breaks, give yourself a treat, eat a well-balanced meal and meet up with family and friends.  Feel good about your achievements and most importantly always be grateful and try to be better than whom you were yesterday. So, keep on dazzling and leave your sparkle wherever you go.

Vincent Van Gogh once quoted that "the heart of a man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and, in its depths, it has the pearls too".

Remember just like the sea, you as an individual, have the power and strength to define Yourself so go on and create a legacy.


By Disha Sharma

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