The Bench - Part 2

Published on 5 October 2023 at 11:35

The Splendid Park was a very heavenly aesthetic Park which also boasted beautiful landscape, water fountains were added into natural streams of water and the garden consisted of elaborate flamboyant plants and harlequin trees which added splendor to this breathtaking park. I was placed beneath a magnificent oak tree and this is what marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

On the day I was placed in the park I was very nervous as I didn't know what the remainder of my life was going to be like. I was way too nervous to even take notice of my surroundings. All I remember is that nightfall set in too fast. It was one of the oddest nights I recall. I felt anxious all night long. It wasn't long enough that I realized that the moon was above me and was shimmering it's comforting rays upon me as the stars dazzled in the warm August summer.

Hours went by quickly and with the breaking dawn, the chirping of the birds made me feel excited as I remembered how I sheltered them once upon a time. The first ray of sunlight fell on a stream not so far away from me and within minutes it was beaming on me. I felt alive and energetic with the warmth it bestowed upon me. The grass beneath me had dew. The flowers looked so bright and fresh.

It wasn't too long before the park began to spring to life.  I noticed a lean young man who carried a broom with him. Just nearby was a juice bar which offered an array of juices, smoothies and a variety of milkshakes too.

As time went by I got to see a lot of different people of age groups. Some came for walks, some jogged, some ran, whereas some did yoga or formed groups and together did meditation.

Beautiful butterflies rested on me. Birds chirped and hoovered around me and occasionally as they got tired, they parched themselves on me and rested. I also catered to a lot of people of different races.

I remember an old lady who used to come regularly and just take a seat and observe all the people around. I never saw her with her family but everyone who crossed her path greeted her very warmly. She was very caring I could tell because she was very gentle towards me.

I also had my bit of pain. I remember that there was a day whereby a young teenager grumpily came and sat upon me.  He seemed to be angry and cried all at the same time. I didn't know how to comfort him as I watched him helplessly.  He opened his bag and removed a blade from his compass box and without any warning began to inscribe something upon me. It was very painful for me to bear with but once he was done, I noticed that he had drawn a heart and wrote the initials "R & S".

I also recall a time when a young mother with her two children, a toddler and the other one a few months old, spent a few hours sitting comfortably on me. She sang a lullaby to both her children as I watched her children drifting away to sleep. She had a very comforting voice and I always looked forward to seeing her.

There was a day I met an elderly couple. They were the sweetest couple that I had ever met. They addressed one another with so much love and affection and I often heard them talking so fondly about their children and grandchildren. They were very calm by nature, and both listened to each other with a lot of patience. Suddenly and sadly, it dawned on me that I do not get to see this often with today's youth.

I have witnessed generations of people who have grown up in front of me. From watching them in their nappies to watching them date, to tying the knot and watching them bring their babies to this gorgeous park. It's always been nostalgic for me to bear witness to all of the above.

I am now used to being so close to people and have concluded that there might be differences between their cultures but most of them were similar. I also have noticed that some respected me and treated me well while others mistreated me too.

I forever shall be indebted to the cleaner who has never missed a day to clean me up every day without fail. Often after his day of work he comes to rest on me. As he rests, he quickly eats up a sandwich which he brings along with him every day. He is very amicable and cordial towards me.

Not far away from where I was placed, I could see a number of teak trees swaying away to the beat of the breeze. This led me to become evocative as I began to think about how I felt when I was them. It has been a long transition for me. I found my home in this splendid park, and I also learned that the human species are very similar to what I have been through. I went through many forms just so that I could fit in and I think it would be safe for me to say that human beings have also gone through their fair share of atrocities just so that they can find their niche.

Lastly, just like how I was once a seed, I grew up with no sound but fell with a loud thud. This made me realize that destruction can be loud, but creation is quiet. This is the power of silence. Always remember to grow with silence.


By Disha Sharma

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Dr. Mugo Njeru
6 months ago

Real good, and I will "Always remember to grow in silence".
There is always a space for all of us; if we can learn how to share. It is greed that makes us grow noisily! - my thinking.
All the best.