I, The Healer

Published on 5 May 2021 at 11:19

At the age of 3, my Grandma made my acquaintance to God through prayers and singing hymns. This connection of being one with the supreme being is an out-of-this-world experience, as Dr Wayne Dyer quoted “You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience”. The authentic you (your soul) is having this amazing out-of-body experience to feel this oneness with the limitless source.


At the age of 13, like all teenagers, we experience body transformation from a child developing to an adolescent; awareness and attraction to the opposite sex; feelings displayed and rejected by the receiver. I began to question my existence, where did I come from (of course the biological way), but in the true deep sense and what is my purpose in life? Dear Diary was my companion through this journey, penning down every thought. When it came to troubled young humans, I would just sit and listen to their concerns, feel their emotions; be it pain or happiness and without uttering a word I empathised with them, in turn they felt light and went feeling happy. My journey as an empath and Healer had already begun.


Reiki came into my life for the first time through a boy who had been attuned to it and had the ability to help in the healing process. As a test, an Aunt in the neighbourhood wanted him to heal her daughter and make her intelligent so she could achieve high grades in school. It seemed like a bizarre use of healing energy, nevertheless I was curious about the whole thing. As an overweight child I had the idea of asking the boy to heal me and make me thin, but for unforeseeable circumstances the boy moved to the city, reiki was forgotten and so was my dream to abracadabra my weight issue.


Over a decade ago I went for my first ever tarot reading and was recommended to get some reiki healing, that was the second time reiki appeared in my life and I started looking for courses. None appealed to me; however, I was sending a message out to the Universe to attract reiki. Whilst working in the corporate world, the company I worked for then, as an incentive, offered employees treatment sessions so I booked myself for a 15-minute session of reiki and I experienced a kaleidoscope of colours and received this serene healing energy. My obsession with reiki was intensified and I started looking for reiki Level 1 courses. As they say when the student is ready, the master will appear. A cousin called me out of the blue saying she could not make it to the reiki Level 1 one day course she was booked on and if I wanted to go I could have it for free.

My real healing journey began, learning the Japanese spiritual practice of healing that reduces stress and provides a feeling of relaxation. The word reiki is made up of two syllables: “Rei” meaning “higher power” and “Ki” meaning “Universal life forces”. This flow of Universal life force channelled through my hands to the recipient. However, the first step was to take part in the 21 days of self-healing.


The first seven days were highly emotional, it involved releasing emotional pain and all the baggage that as humans we are attached to and love carrying, or rather wearing it as a medal of our victimhood. It was a hard thing to let go when that is all you know and believe to identify with. The second week of the 21 days was important as this was the transformation phase where the acceptance that all the emotional baggage was a part of life, and it is time to not carry it around like dead weight and it is okay to detach from it. The third and final week of the 21 days is the self-discovery of the new you and the beginning of a wonderful journey to becoming a Healer.


When a spiritual awakening happens then there is no turning back, the only way is forward and you keep discovering your abilities as a healer and what I learned was that you cannot help everyone you meet and this is fine because not everyone is receptive to healing. As a Healer, I learnt about my spiritual connection with divinity, setting an intention and trusting the process and in turn receiving the miracles in various ways. The only advice is to be open to receiving and accepting the ways of divine and the personal exchange between you and your creator. Self-improvement is a work in progress and it is never-ending, the plus point is that it enhances your growth and wisdom.


Over time I have come to learn and respect all the Healers out there, they are all here on the same mission to serve others irrespective of their means and ways as we all have our unique abilities and gifts. The Universe takes care of the connection with like-minded Healers, and it is welcoming to understand their method of healing. I as a Healer have been to other Healers because, similar to the way a dentist cannot drill his own teeth, you cannot always heal yourself.

As a Healer I am here to be of service and will help with the healing process, be it one-on-one or distance healing, with love, light and for your greater good.


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