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Published on 3 January 2022 at 09:13

Happy New Year to my fellow readers. The last couple of years have given me or rather us a reality check on no matter how much you plan your life, there are other bigger forces that have thrown spanners in the works and frozen us in our tracks.

How many have a New Year’s resolution? And how many do stick by it? Let’s face it within 15 days resolutions are broken and many give up on their will power. However, hats off to a handful that stick by it. Now 21 days, which if you ask any spiritual being and what it represents, will give you a sound advice.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, 21 actual days to really make a difference in your life and carry on with this new paradigm. I am more of a create lists kind of girl, mostly lists of what I wish to manifest.

I read an article about 21 things every woman must have, here is my list of 21 things every woman must have and 21 things every man must have?

by Kiran Kaur

21 Things a SHE must have:

  1. A zest for life.
  2. Matching and comfortable underwear, imagine if you fall.
  3. A pair of stud earrings for every day and every occasion.
  4. A good hairdryer/hair straightener for a fabulous look every day.
  5. Kindness – A big turn on!
  6. Fresh pot of Tea on the go.
  7. A pair of jeans that gives you a pert bottom.
  8. An oversized hoodie.
  9. Loyal Friends!
  10. Neat nails if you are not into manicures then keep them short and clean.
  11. Body complimenting black dress or jumpsuit.
  12. A cardigan.
  13. A beautiful natural smile.
  14. Mascara for natural long lashes.
  15. Red lipstick, confidence booster.
  16. A comfortable pair of trousers.
  17. A toothbrush.
  18. A musky perfume.
  19. Lots of funky T-shirts.
  20. A pair of tweezers!

21 Things HE must have:

  1. Classic laced-up black shoes.
  2. Short and clean nails, I have a thing for fingers and nails.
  3. Loyalty, a big turn on.
  4. A well-cut and well fitted dark suit, it’s all about the fit.
  5. Great sense of humour.
  6. A signature cologne mixed with that male scent.
  7. Lots of crisp ironed shirts.
  8. A pair of classic denim jeans.
  9. Lots of T-shirts.
  10. Clean socks and underwear.
  11. A bottle of mouthwash.
  12. An emergency grooming kit.
  13. Respect.
  14. Charisma
  15. Good manners.
  16. Brown loafers.
  17. Smile, to die for.
  18. Casual jodhpurs.
  19. A pair of trainers.
  20. A well fitted blazer.
  21. Zest for life.

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