It is OK!

Published on 11 April 2021 at 15:38

It is OK!

In 2010, I went through a huge transformation, which was to be the beginning of my REAL spiritual journey. All the signs were there but I chose to ignore them, until these signs become obvious and persistent, and hit me like a brick in the face, not literally.


You cannot ignore the signs anymore. It is the great AWAKENING, you can no longer go back, even if you wanted to. The only way is FORWARD.


In the early days, it used to really frustrate me when I spoke to people and talked about my experiences with a passion and no one understood what I was saying, now I know what aliens FEEL like.


Suddenly I started meeting like-minded people and the more I shared my experiences with them the more I felt I was not alone, and I talked less and less about it around people who did not understand me. I had finally found my TRIBE.


Slowly all those that did not serve me purpose started disappearing. I lost touch with many, with some there were huge misunderstandings, and we did not part ways on good terms, however, I always ended up saying “If I have ever hurt you, please forgive me. And I forgive you too”. You know, clearing the cycle of KARMA.


My journey over the years put me in the path of situations that I came across, either taught me a valuable lesson or nothing at all, and when it was nothing at all, another situation arose and tried to teach me the same lesson. It is like being in a LOOP until you learn from it.


You see the human mind always thinks it is smart and can dodge the bullet, but for how long? What about the HEART? The best decisions made from the heart, are so pure. All in all, it is your inner being that works as a COMPASS to guide you through your journey, have faith and trust the process.


Reflection time:

IT IS OK not to take things to heart!

IT IS OK not everyone will understand you!

IT IS OK when you try to help someone, and they do not require your help!

IT IS OK when others want to be like you, its how you react to it that matters.

IT IS OK you are not in competition with others, you are doing you.


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