Clearing Negative Energy

Published on 17 December 2020 at 11:35

Have you ever walked into a room and felt your energy level drop and you don’t know why that happened? Or do you feel you have no energy even though you have had a good night’s sleep? Or when you are near someone who is oozing so much negativity you cannot bear to be near them?


One of the many reasons I studied Feng Shui was to use tools that are readily available to clear an environment of negative or stagnant energy. Below are some of the techniques that have been tried and tested and trust me, they really work. Many of my clients and friends swear by some of the techniques, some may not be to your liking but choose the one that you resonate with and start clearing negativity:


  • Salt – Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, cooking salt or even table salt

Sprinkle salt in all four corners of the room you wish to clear of negative energy. Also, by taking a bath in Epsom salt, the components in the salt help to release toxins and relax the body. I have a Himalayan salt lamp by my bedside that helps me sleep.


Photo by Theresa Harris

  • Incense Sticks, Paolo Santos or Frankincense

In many religions the use of incense sticks or frankincense is used to purify temples, mosques, churches and Buddhist temples, among others. So why not use them in our homes? Several times a week I walk around the house with a lit incense stick for cleansing. And twice a month I use frankincense to cleanse the house, it is stronger and more effective than a regular incense stick.


Photo by Vasilijus Bortnikas

  • Use a Bell

Ever noticed the bells used in Hindu temples and churches? These are also used for purification. Once a month I walk with a bell, ringing it like a woman possessed, but it is said that the sound clears off any negativity or stagnant energy.


Photo by Thomas B

  • Holy Water

As a child I used to watch my grandmother and mum taking holy water from the temple. They would add normal water to it and once a week they would sprinkle holy water in the entire house and if I were in the way then they would sprinkle some on me. A nice way to clear off negative energy.


Photo by Pexels

  • Chanting or Praying

It is said that chants in the range of 800 MHz or above are the best for meditation to calm the mind. These chants can be played as background sounds and this immediately raises the positive vibration in the room.


Photo by Truth Seeker

The above 5 methods of clearing energy works wonders, try all of them and see which one you resonate with. My personal favourite is lighting Incense Sticks, Paolo Santos and Frankincense.

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