Teenagers & Reflexology

Published on 3 December 2017 at 15:09

“I hate you!” or “You’re ruining my life!”. Every parent with a teenager has heard these words at some point. Parents often fail to understand the changes that cause these outbursts in the first place.

Teenagers are going through a transitional change from childhood to puberty and finally to adulthood. They are at a vulnerable age where they are more at risk to issues such as depressions, cyber addiction/abuse, eating disorders or self-harm.

If that is not enough teenagers are also coming to grips with the bodily changes of developing from a child to a grown young person. Media also plays a substantial role in the life of a teenager and brings about social pressure, with all the hormones raging teenagers often succumb to these pressures.


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A client spoke about her teenage daughter struggling with her school life and the demands of social pressure. I offered to give her daughter a Reflexology session for sixty minutes. The feedback received from the young lady was that she had a good night’s sleep and woke up refreshed and could concentrate better in her class. She went on to say, “My body feels energised and I can deal better with my PMS”. We agreed to have an hour session of Reflexology for 5 weeks and she began to see a difference each week after her treatment session.

Another client, this time a young teenage boy, was so stressed out that he ended up consuming alcohol. With the collaboration of his GP, the boy had to detox before a Reflexology treatment could be given, the reason being, he would have ended up with a healing crisis and the alcohol would have had a negative impact on his body. Within only 2 sessions the teenager has started seeing positive signs of healing and has not consumed alcohol since. We continue to have an hour session each week to help with the stress.

It is my opinion that Reflexology is one of the best remedies available to help teenagers deal with the pressures of their modern life.

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