Hips Don't Lie

Published on 5 July 2023 at 17:13

“these hips are big hips.
they need space to
move around in.
they don't fit into little
petty places.”
― Lucille Clifton

Large hips have been trending since 2010 and celebrities like Jenifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian has been supporting this trend. More and more young ladies are adapting to have well rounded hips and consider it as a fashion statement.

Time and time again, I make an introduction from behind, and a couple of years ago while traveling on the London Underground a stranger asked me if my bum was real, and my response to that was, “a legacy from my mother, it’s as real as it can be.” In Africa, the curvier the hips are very much preferred as it is known to be a sign of fertility and prosperity.

Did you know majority of women carry trauma in their lower abdomen and hips, a place where all the emotions are trapped? All our emotions remain trapped in this part of the body causing physical dis-ease such as issues with the reproductive system, lower back pain, kidney, and bladder issues among others.

Emotions like fear and anger are resultant from sexual trauma one endures in their lifetime and the body stores it, in the conscious as well as the subconscious mind and this can be soul destroying causing an unbalance in the hips/sacral area.

Likewise shame and guilt can also cause a hinderance to our full potential in delving into and articulating our creativity to exhibit our wants, desires, and goals, causing an unhappy and unfulfilled purpose in life.

The sacral chakra, situated below the navel and connected to the hips, depicted by the radiant orange colour that is situated below the navel and is linked to the reproductive organs and kidney. It is a center for feelings, sentiments, emotions, and rousing pleasure. Generally, it plays a dynamic part in the expression of our sexual desires and sexuality, here is where creativity is activated when the chakra is open and balanced.

How can one help with opening and balancing the sacral chakra and make the hips glorious?

  1. Seek professional help – in extreme cases of trauma, it is advisable to have some counselling.
  2. Having a massage or enjoying a day at the spa.
  3. Enjoying a luxury hot bath with bath salts and essential oils like lavender and rose.
  4. Indulge in a licentious meal that teases the tastebuds.
  5. Practice yoga – postures like hip circles, the goddess posture, pigeon posture, the hip rotation just to name a few, trade carefully as this will release a lot of emotions and help in the healing process.
  6. Dancing! Dancing and more Dancing, shake what ya mama gave ya!


Kiran Kaur

*** Dear Reader,

The topics I write about are not for the faint hearted, I write from the depth of my heart and this is my way of expressing myself. And I will under no circumstances apologise for my views.

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