Spiritual Awakening & Relationships

Published on 5 October 2023 at 12:24

Spiritual Awakening is a concept of unlocking your subconscious mind and creating a shift to your consciousness. It is an awakening from a deep slumber and the intensity with which one feels and sees from a different point of view that enlightens their meaning of existence.

Mental Health is the main link to spiritual awakening, this happens as a result of depression or anxiety that roots from childhood trauma. Certain life events can also spark spiritual awakening such as terminal illnesses, near death experience, tragic loss and bereavement, accidents.

The signs of spiritual awakening are vast, below listed are some of these signs (please not this is not an extensive list):

  • Increase in sensitivity and empathy
  • Changes to sleep patterns
  • Changes to eating habits
  • Heightened levels of intuition and knowing
  • Felling of being one with your higher self
  • A sense of detachment
  • High levels of feelings of clarity
  • Being highly creative
  • Heightened of the five senses, one will stand out the most


Reasons relationships get affected:

Our goals change, we stop devoting our energy where there is no spark of joy. Stop enjoying the activities that once were part of life. They change and best suit your psyche. People who have draining energy get blind sided by your glowing stance.

A feeling of detachment comes about when you awaken spiritually, family and friends are no longer your lifeline and you learn to distance yourself, not because you are superior, but it brings you peace not to get involved in unnecessary drama.

There is no connection between you and your relationships, you no longer have anything common with your loved ones and you make connections new like-minded people, know as your tribe. They bring out the best in you and assist you in your awakened journey.

You have different spiritual beliefs from your relationships, your change cannot be understood by other and think you are strange. Its fine as this is your journey, only you are the one who can decode it and make sense of it. It is your calling and not a conference call.

When I was first attuned to Reiki energy as a result of my spiritual awakening, the Reiki Master cautioned me that there will be changes in my relationships, with family, friends including my romantic relationship. At first, I went into a panic state, overwhelmed by having to sever ties with family and friends. But once the awakening happens there no going back, the only way is to move forward and walk on the unravelled path before you.


Kiran Kaur

*** Dear Reader,

The topics I write about are not for the faint hearted, I write from the depth of my heart and this is my way of expressing myself. And I will under no circumstances apologise for my views. Thanks Kiran

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