Q & A With . . .




A wonderful feeling, most humans crave and want to enjoy in solitude! This month our Q & A is with ourselves in Silence.


Who are you?



What really brings peace of mind?




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2 months ago

Thank you much for your work and service at Concious Kenya to me you are a great soul who really supported my works during the Covid 19 pandemic. I offer my gratitude to you and all humanity

George Miano
8 months ago

Well in Deejay Skillz. Good Job and all the best in your career.

Catherine Mwaniki
10 months ago

I have no words to express my gratitude for walking my journey, on a personal , family and career level. And above all for introducing me and allowing me experience the magick of candles.. You are a true vessel.. Carrying the whole world on your shoulders. May you experience the very best the world can ever offer.